7 Problems Guys will Never Understand

By Grisha Gupta

Hey all girlies,

When God created man and woman, he did not create them equal. Women always have a higher position in life over men. Having higher position means having problems which no man will EVER understand. Being a woman is fun; we have a lot more exciting life. But girls, there are various issues in our lives that even our spouses or partners will never understand for, let’s face it, they are not women! Let’s talk about few of our high-maintenance problems.

7 Problems Guys will Never Understand

1. Learning to Walk in Stilettos

walking in stilettos

The art of walking in high heels without stumbling and looking shabby is something men will never understand. Why and how we do it is beyond their imagination!

2. The Size of the Closet

walk in closet

Well, my closet has so many clothes because I can’t wear half of them as they are either outdated or don’t fit well. I also can’t throw them out, I might need them someday. This thought runs in every woman’s head when she is cleaning her closet.

3. Being Called Bossy at Work

bossy woman

If a man is being bossy, he is efficient and if a woman is being bossy be ready to have a nickname such as “ice queen”! Why God, why?

4. Frenemies


Men never have frenemies. They either have friends or enemies. So lovelies, how will they ever understand when you come home to your man and tell him all about the woman who you hate, but can’t stop talking to?

5. Perfect Shade of Lipstick


Men miss out so much. The joy of having that perfect shade of lipstick. It also comes along with a downside. The lipstick tried on in the store or on the model looked a different shade from when you tried it on.

6. Lipstick in your Teeth

lipstick in teeth

Getting ready in a hurry and applying the lipstick at the last minute left you with lipstick on your teeth. You didn’t know about it! Imagine the nightmare, girls. ‘Cause my man just cannot!

7. Getting Ready

funny women quote

Men hardly have any choice when it comes to their clothing. On the other side, we women have a zillion choices plus makeup plus fixing up that hair. It requires time. Which requires waking up earlier. And if you get late, be ready to hear – “Why do you take so much time to get ready?”! No man will ever understand what we go through!

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