Do These 8 Fun Things To Take A Short Break From Your Routine Life!

Daily life with no changes in your routine can actually be boredom! You can get bugged off with things easily and there are high chances of getting pissed off of anyone and everyone. All of us want to lead a healthy life and hence you must try to introduce some interesting and fun things in your routine life. You don’t really need to make a dramatic change in your life but minor changes can lead you to happy life. Small and minor changes can help to shift in thinking process of a person and also it helps in self improvement. So, here are fun things to take a short break from your routine life.

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1. Plan an Adventure Trip

No matter what is your age, you should always plan an adventure trip once in a while to be refreshed from your routine life. Adventure trips are generally exciting which helps to boost your energy level, helps you to cherish life to fullest and also builds excitement for few months even after the journey. Try saving money for a year so that you are able to schedule a good journey.


2. Try to Write a Short Story

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Writing a short story is a great idea and hence you should incorporate this practice to include fun and excitement in your work. Write the story about a character doing what you do, at work, home, having fun, whatever. Two thousand words are all you need. If not anything, you can start writing good and positive things about yourself so that you can read and cherish the moments later on. If you are already writing books, you can give it a glance then.

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3. Try to Change Your Schedule

As we said, you don’t need to make dramatic changes to experience fun and happiness in your routine life. What time you guys wake up in the morning? If it is 9am and then you go to office, try to wake up at 8 or 7 am this time. You get some space before you leave for office and hence you can do various creative things. You’ll see your world differently, you’ll sense different emotions in the people you meet and hear different sounds. Try getting up with the sun and going outside to listen to the birds and feel the early morning breeze.

4. Try an Unusual Recipe


Try to cook something which no one knows about and you haven’t tried it before. You can generally try to cook things on Sunday or when you have leave from office. Cooking not only helps you to encourage your talent and choice, but it also helps to keep your family a happy one. The best thing to do is, if you have ordered something usual in restaurant and you or your children loved it very much, try to get your hands on the recipe and giving it a practical try.

5. You Can Adopt a Pet

Only people who are already owners of pet would understand my emotions! They are your best friend and you would never feel low or bored in their presence. Having a pet at home is of great joy which helps you to feel refreshed every time. This is excitement plus responsibility, so be sure you are ready for both. Pet will be your great company and also provide you fun opportunity.

6. Know about the Marma Point

marma points

One more tip to break your routine is to touch a ‘marma’ point on your body. The word marma means hidden or secret. You have 107 secret points’ places on your body where two or more types of tissue meet. Ayurvedic healers describe the marma as ‘bridges between your physical and spiritual energies’. So pressing a marma point is an exquisite feeling. Three easy-to-locate marma points on your body: The hollow of your temple on either side of your head, the sides of your nose where your nostrils flare, and the center of your wrist, just below your hand (palm facing up). To energize your marma, place a few drops of warm oil on your fingertips, and rub the area gently for a minute or two. Breathe gently and deeply as you do this.

7. Visualize Future Fun

On every Sunday or probably on Monday take one to two minutes to visualize all those things you want to do this weekend. Even if you don’t have enough money to fulfill your dream, you can think about it and feel happy about your dream. Try to focus on things that you can turn possible.

8. Attend a Dance Class

dance class

You can simply join a class or attend a salsa class and tango the night way. This helps to boost your mental as well as help raise the health quotient of your brain cells and keep you feeling young. If you are interested in singing, go forward with singing classes and also try to attend various music festivals around the world.

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