21 Genius Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Today, I am up with some beauty hacks that every girl should know. These hacks are very clever hacks and could make your life a little bit easy.

DIY Gel Liner:
Obsessed With gel liners?? And ran out of gel liner :O Don’t worry girls, try this trick. Take your regular kajal pencil and lit a lighter on the tip. It will be converted into gel liner. Apply it on your eye to make your eyes beautiful.

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Make Your Eye Shadow Pop:
Want bright and beautiful color of eye shadow? Apply white base to your eye lids. You can use white makeup crayon or any white eye shadow. This will really make your eye shadow pop.

Perfect Mascara:
This trick is actually for the beginner makeup lovers. Many of us are not able to get perfect mascara. We ruin our eye makeup, when applying mascara. So, here is the trick to avoid that mess. Hold the spoon horizontally to cover your eye lid, then with the other hand apply mascara as shown in the picture.

Spidery Lashes:
Some girls love clean mascara and separated each lash. But, some girls like me love the clumpy, messy, spidery lashes. Here is the trick. Before applying mascara coat your lashes with little bit of translucent powder. Then, coat the lashes with mascara. It will give you clumpy, spidery lashes.

Eliminate Puffy Eyes:
Already late for college/ office/ workplace and have puffy bad looking eyes :O Apply ice pack for 5-10 minutes as the first thing after you wake up. This will eliminate the puffiness and give big, open eyes.

Curled Lashes for Long Time:
Some girls are not blessed with naturally curled lashes. For them, lash curlers are their best friends. But, lashes curled with lash curlers do not stay for long time. Want the lashes to be curled for long time? Here is the trick 😀 Heat the lash curler with dryer then carefully curl your lashes. lashes will stay curled for maximum time.

Fix Dry Mascara:
Some mascara can dried up quickly. Want to fix your dry mascara? Add few drops of lens solution to dried mascara, it will make the mascara back to normal again.

Quick Lipstick:
To make your own quick lipstick. Melt some vaseline in a metallic spoon over candle flame, then add some eye shadow pigment or any loose pigment to the vaseline. Enjoy your quick lipstick.

Lip Color for Super Long Time:
Apply the lipstick. After 30 seconds, blot the extra lipstick with tissue. Then, again apply a coat of lipstick. Then again blot extra lipstick. Keep repeating these steps for 4-5 coats. This trick will make up your lipstick last for a long time.

Apply Perfect Lipstick:
Lining your lips is really important because your lip shape totally depends on lip liner. To have a perfect lipstick especially on your cupid’s boo, apply the lipstick in the ‘X’ shape on your upper lip as shown in the picture. Then normally apply the lipstick.

Perfect Contouring:
Face shape is really important to have beautiful perfect makeup. Contouring can play an important role in shaping your cheeks. Beginners can sometimes over do the contouring and/ or not on the perfect contouring place. To find the exact place for contouring, Suck in your cheeks and them start to contour your cheeks from temples to the hollows of cheeks.

Smokey Eye in Seconds:
To have a perfect smokey eye can be a little bit tricky for beginners. I have a perfect trick to make smokey eye in seconds. Draw a shape of ‘#’ on the outer area of eye lid. Then blend this # towards the inner area. Waallah! you have a beautiful smokey eye.

Perfect Cut Crease:
Cut crease makeup is in trend lately. It also looks sexy and glamorous. But, to do a cut crease makeup is not a kid’s play. To make a perfect crease, apply a piece of scotch tape or cello tape or first- aid tape from the end of your eye to the end of your brow. After you are done with your makeup remove the tape carefully.

Fix Dried Gel Liner:
I love gel liners. They are life saviors. But, what if they get dried. :O Gel liners tend to get dried quickly because they are exposed to direct air. Maybelline gel liners are the liners which gets dried very quickly. All you have to do, to fix it is just put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and your gel liner is new now! 🙂

Avoid Chipping of Nails:
Chipping of nails can be very irritating specially, when you have to go to some event. The simple way to avoid chipping is always have your nails coated. Use a good quality nail paint to coat your nails. Trust me ladies, it helps to avoid chipping. I have tried this. 😀

Make The Lip Color Pop:
Some of us  do not have highly pigmented lips and because of this problem the lipstick does not give good and bright color to lips. Mute up your lips with foundation or concealor. Then, apply the lipstick. It will make the color really pop and help it to last for long time.

Pigmented Eye Shadow:

21 Genious Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know 17

Want to have perfect pigmented eye shadows? Dip you brush in water, eye drops or makeup fixing spray. Then, take the shadow on brush and apply. It will give the perfect pigmented color.

DIY Makeup Remover:

21 Genious Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know 18

Apply cold cream or coconut oil to face massage for 2 minutes. Wipe with face wipe and then wash with regular face wash. Easy and quick 😀

Want Big Lashes Instantly?

21 Genious Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know 19

Apply castor oil, as it will act as a lubricant and give the illusion of big lashes. Then, coat your lashes with mascara. To apply the mascara try this simple trick.

Matte Lips in Seconds:

21 Genious Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know 20

Not happy with your glossy lips and want them to look matte and classy? Apply the lipstick to lips, then blot it once, then again apply the second coat and then dust some translucent powder to lips. Or you can apply the same matte eye shadow, which is a close match to your lipstick.

Quick Dry Shampoo:

21 Genious Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know 21

You are on the third day of your hair, and your hair are very oily.. :O Have to go out with friends and not in a mood of a hair wash. This happens to me quite a lot of time. Just apply some baby powder to the roots of hair. It will give quick volume to hair and will act as a dry shampoo. Do not apply too much otherwise you will end up look like an old lady :p

So, these were some tricks, which were very cleaver and easy to make a girl’s life little bit easy. Try these tricks girls you will feel blessed :*

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