Effective DIY Recipes Using Cloves for Healthy Body, Skin and Hair

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We don’t need to search a lot for good skin and good health. There are so many ingredients available in our kitchen; they just need some extra attention. One of them is clove. Clove is a very useful ingredient if you apply it in a proper way. Sometimes it doesn’t suit sensitive skin well, so you should do a patch test for your skin. Otherwise clove has some amazing benefits.


Health Benefits

This superb spice, clove, is generally used to add some flavor to our food. It has lots of antioxidants and so many vitamins like A, C & K. It helps to keep you hydrated from the inside and can treat various health diseases like diabetes, insomnia, asthma. Its cooling sensation keeps body energetic and fresh. It works great during cold season and helps to avoid bad breath & cough problems. You just need to use cloves in your regular drink.

clove tea

1. Make juice of cloves, basil and ginger. Mix it with ½ cup of water. It helps to reduce sickness and keeps body fresh.
2. While making tea, add some cloves to boiling water to get above mentioned benefits.
3. Make some black coffee and add pinch of clove powder to the coffee mixture. Now add some fresh cream into that. This will not only enhance the flavor but health benefits also.

Cloves for Oral Care

Clove works as a great antiseptic and it has a strong sensation which keeps mouth fresh for longer. It is almost a tradition to use cloves for oral care. It helps to reduce dental pain and gum problems. Clove oil gives instant relief from sensitive tooth. Just add some clove oil to your regular toothpaste. It gives stronger teeth. Clove has a very strong, fresh smell which keeps mouth fresh and removes bad breath.

mouth freshner

1. Add some clove oil or clove juice to some water. Now add some peppermint to it. Mix both of them nicely. Use this after brushing your teeth. It works as a natural mouthwash.
2. You can store this mixture in a spray bottle and carry the bottle as an instant mouth freshner.

Cloves for Fresh and Clear Skin

Clove is strong in nature and it helps to eliminate pimples and acne. It works as a natural antiseptic. It is applied on cuts, infections and it helps to cure body ache too. It also kills bacteria from skin and makes skin clearer. It has a tingling sensation, which means it works on painful pimple deeply. Its rich antioxidant properties keep skin healthy and smooth. It comes with great blemishes clearing properties too. It peels dark spots and scars, and makes skin clear and healthy. As it is very strong, you should use it carefully.


1. Mix some pure mint juice and 2 drops of pure clove oil together. Apply the mixture directly on the affected area.
2. Use clove as a face pack. Make a smooth paste of 3-4 cloves and some cinnamon. Add 1 spoon of honey into the mixture. Apply all over your face. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and rinse with normal water.
3. Add 1 drop of clove oil with your night moisturizer or night serum. It gives a fresh and clear face every morning.

Body Oil for Stress-Free Life

Clove oil can be used as body oil too. It helps to reduce stress and gives an energetic, strong body. As it is very aromatic in nature, it keeps body firm and stress-free. It acts as a stress buster and provides a soothing effect to the body. It can nicely cure headache and pain. It maintains blood circulation and provides relief from muscular pain.

1. Add some drops of clove oil to your normal body oil, or add some olive oil and clove oil together. Massage the oil gently on your body.
2. You can also take 2-3 drops clove oil, some cinnamon and almond oil.
3. Add some sea salt with few drops clove oil. Scrub on your feet. It gives instant relief from foot pain.

clove oil

Hair Care with Cloves

Clove promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall too. It helps to solve the problem of hair thinning. It keeps scalp fresh and reduces scalp infection. It also provides a cooling sensation and keeps you fresh. It adds some nice and fresh smell to your hair. As it is full of antioxidants, it acts as a conditioner. It keeps hair smooth and makes them manageable, imparting a decent shine.

1. Apply clove oil with some coconut oil directly on your scalp. It helps to reduces stress and keeps your hair fresh.
2. Add 2 drops of clove oil with your shampoo. It keeps you fresh all long day. And also adds a nice fresh smell to hair.
3. Make a hair mask for thick hair. Makes a paste of 2 tablespoon of yogurt and 1 spoon of olive oil. Add ½ tablespoon of clove paste to the mixture. Now, add some honey to the paste. Combine all the ingredients nicely. Apply the mask all over your hair. Keep it on for 30-45 minutes. Then rinse with normal water.

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