8 Typical Facial Oil Mistakes You Could Be Making

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I recently shared a list of 8 unique carrier oils you must try to pamper your skin and I hope that post motivated you to invest in a facial oil. Whether you’re new to the world of facial oils or been using one for years, make sure you do not make these facial oil related mistakes. So, here is the list of such mistakes and how to rectify them.

Not choosing the right one

There are so many different variants of facial oils available that we often get confused. Hence, we might end up buying the wrong one. If you want to reap best benefits from any skincare product, make sure you choose it as per your skin type and concerns. Some oils are highly hydrating for dry skin while some are very light for oily skin. So, choosing the right facial oil becomes one of the important steps.

Rubbing it unnecessarily

If you are trying too hard for the oil to sink into the skin by rubbing it over your face consistently, then you need to stop. You don’t have to rub facial oils too hard on your skin. Rubbing your facial skin too much or too hard can make it lose its elasticity and further damage it. Oils get easily absorbed by the skin on their own. You just need to rub the oil between your palms to warm up the molecules and then pat over your facial skin, and you are done.

Using excess amount

‘The more the better’ – if you follow this for facial oils, then you are wrong. Facial oils are in the concentrated form and a very little goes a long way. You need a maximum of 6-7 drops for your face and neck. Facial oils are comprised of those ingredients that are already present in your dermis. They help in triggering the already present ingredients; this means you can get more results when less product is used. Using more than the required amount can clog up your pores or make your skin feel heavy and greasy.

Not applying in the right order

When it comes to applying skin care products, start by applying the lightest formula first and then move on to the heaviest. And according to this, the oil must be applied after the serum and before any cream or moisturiser. If the consistency of your facial oil is heavier than your cream or moisturiser, then it must be applied after your moisturiser or cream.

Not customising for your skin concerns

As discussed above, facial oil will work best if chosen according to the skin type and concerns. You can go ahead and mix 2-3 carrier oils with any essential oil to customise your facial oil according to the skin concerns. This way you’ll be able to reap the maximum benefits from your oil. For example, if you have dry skin with elasticity concerns then you can use sweet almond oil and avocado oil together or if you have oily skin then you can combine grapeseed oil and tea tree essential oil.

Using oils too frequently

Dry skinned ladies can use facial oil twice a day while oily skinned ladies can use it once a day, maximum. Using more frequently than required can clog up your pores and give an invitation to acne. On the other hand, applying oil too frequently can make your skin feel heavy and increase sebum production in your body.

Using too many products

Oils are meant to serve the purpose of both serum and moisturiser. If you have dry, normal or oily skin and want to incorporate a facial oil in your routine, you can completely cut off the serum and moisturiser. However, if you have very dry skin, then it is advisable to use a moisturiser, too.

Using heavy oils

Ideally, oils should get easily absorbed by your skin. If you are applying oil all over your face and it sits on the skin, making it heavy and greasy, then you must be using an oil that’s too heavy for your skin. The heavy oil you are using can clog up your pores also. Try to opt for a facial oil which is lightweight and gets quickly absorbed by the skin.

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