VLCC Honey Moisturiser Review

First of all, a little about my skin type.  In winters, it is normal/combination and in summers – combination skin which tends to get oily easily.  I was looking for a decent moisturizer for the approaching summer and had bought a big bottle of Lotus Oil-Free Moisturizer, but that thing broke me out badly. I don’t know why, it just did not work for me. It made my skin itchy and bumpy and I had to chuck it away *cry*  I needed another moisturizer badly and picked this one up in a jiffy. They also had the “Lavang” variant, but I anyhow hate the smell of cloves, so picked this one up instead (in spite of it saying “normal to dry skin.”) Read on further to find out if it worked for me.

VLCC honey moisturizer


Rs. 210/- for 100 ml.

Product Description:

This moisturizer enriched with Honey Extracts and essential oils of Jojoba, Almond and Olive hydrates, nourishes and conditions the skin. It actively corrects skin’s natural moisture balance making it smooth and supple.

Key Ingredients:

Oils of Jojoba, Almond and Olive, Extracts of Sweet Flag and Fenugreek, Honey, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, D-Panthenol. With NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor).

VLCC honey moisturizer

My Experience with VLCC Honey Moisturiser:

The moisturiser comes in a tiny bottle and such compact is the bottle that there is a minor eruption when you first open the bottle. The moisturiser comes spewing out causing some product wastage, but that is only for the first time. Later you have to struggle to get the product out once the quantity starts depleting. This is because of the thick consistency of the moisturiser and the not-so-squeezable bottle it comes in. I sometimes end up with more than required moisturiser coming out when I shake the bottle too hard, but no worries here. I just put it back in the bottle which opens from the neck. 😛 It has a flip cap which shuts tight and the bottle is also compact which makes it travel-friendly.


It smells faintly of almonds, rather almond oil. I find it pleasant. The fragrance does not linger at all. It disappears totally on application. The consistency is on the thicker side but it gets absorbed in no time. Since it says, for “normal to dry skin,” I was afraid it might make my combination skin greasy, but thankfully, it didn’t!! The skin just appears a little oily on application but it all gets absorbed within minutes leaving you with touchably smooth skin. Contrary to my expectations, it is a water-based moisturiser, less oil, nevertheless hydrating enough. I doubt if it will work this well for winters, but I am not worried about that right now 😛

Only a little quantity is required to cover the entire face and neck. Literally, a pea-sized drop (as shown in picture) is enough for me. It might make skin greasy if used in a greater quantity.


It did make my skin smooth (not supple though:P).  This product at least repaired the damage caused by my previous moisturiser. Also, this one does not make my face sweat like most other moisturisers that I have tried.  This means I have found my summer moisturizer.  Yes, the best part – no breakouts! Yay!! *happy dance*

VLCC honey moisturizer

My mom, who has dry and sensitive skin, has been using this for a while, and she too is really happy with it. I cannot comment on how it will work for super dry skin. Anyway, I think I am going to stick to this for a while now. That’s also because it is going to last for a while 😛 All I need is a pea-sized drop and I am good to go!! *happy dance*

I have not used tons of moisturisers to compare this with, but this one has been good so far. It does not make any tall claims and does its basic job pretty well.

VLCC honey moisturizer

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of VLCC Honey Moisturiser:

  • Travel friendly.
  • Moisturizes well.
  • Light and non greasy.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Will suit all skin types (people with very oily skin should skip this).
  • A little goes a long way.

Cons of VLCC Honey Moisturiser:

  • Packaging is not that good.
  • Might not work in harsh winters.
  • Does not contain SPF (might be a con for some).

Would I Repurchase VLCC Honey Moisturiser?

Certainly, I would (till I find something better) 😛

Do I Recommend VLCC Honey Moisturiser?

Based on my personal experience, yes!

IMBB Rating:


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2 thoughts on “VLCC Honey Moisturiser Review

  1. nice review.. dear…I’ve done make up artist course from VLCC *powder* , and we’d used this moisturiser in CTM , for all skin types acne and super dry all. Only the qty differs. Ones set it makes base application easy. *pompom* *pigtail* SO it will suit in winters very well for dry skin too. *thankyou*

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