9 Makeup Tips For a Round Face and Small Eyes

Today I am back with a post on, “Makeup tips for round face and small eyes” that will up your makeup game with some easy tips and tricks. Stay tuned cupcakes!

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1. Focus On Your Brows:

If you have a round face, ideally you should have a high-arched eyebrow to give your face some interesting angle and elongate it. However, do not make the mistake of overdrawing the natural arch of your brow. Instead, just emphasise your natural arch.

2. Wing It Out:

This is one trick that works flawlessly for round-faced beauties. After doing your eye makeup, apply your eyeliner in bold winged style as the deep curve of the dark winged eyeliner helps in creating the illusion of a slimmer and longer face and makes you party ready in the minimal possible time.


3. Add Some Gloss:

Using darker colour lipsticks and playing up your pout by adding some glittery sheen to it ensures that attention is taken away from your fuller cheeks and chubby chin and is focused on your luscious lips instead. Darker hues give the onlookers an illusion of a longer face and sculpted cheekbones and make your features look more chiselled.

4. Don’t Shy Away From Blushes:

Girls who have chubby cheeks generally tend to shy away from blushers. However, they should not as blusher helps in adding a certain glow and warmth to your complexion and makes you look healthier. Also, if properly applied blush can make your cheekbones look lifted up and your cheeks visually slim. Ideally, round-faced women should place their blushes just below their cheekbones in a teardrop shape taking care that they don’t place it too close to the nose.

5. Use a Highlighter On The Inner Corner Of Your Eyes:

Using a highlighting shade in the inner corner of your eyes help smaller eyes to appear larger and make your eyes seem as if they were set a bit more apart. Apart from that, this look is ultra sexy, feminine and is bound to make you the life of any party or event.

6. Conceal Your Under Eye Dark Circles:

While this might not really make your eyes look any bigger but, at least they will not attract undue attention. Otherwise too, puffy eye bags or dark circles make your eyes look drooping and add years to your age. Also, do not use a concealer straight away on your under eye region if you have major dark circles. Instead, set them with an orange corrector first.

7. Use Neutral Coloured Eyeshadows:

Using light and neutral colours on your eyelids help in bringing them forward while darker hues tend to push them back. However, you can choose any finish of the eyeshadow that suits your preference and needs and as far as it is light in colour, it will work!

8. Ditch Eyeliner, Tightline Instead:

Since thick eyeliner can make smaller eyes look even small, you can ditch your eyeliner altogether and instead tight line your upper lashes. For the uninitiated, tight lining is a trick where you tend to line the inside of your upper lashes with kohl or a creamy eye pencil. Tightlining makes your eyelashes appear fuller and really help to open up your eyes.

9. Contour:

Contouring round face really helps to slim it down and give you a more chiselled appearance. Also, you should apply your contour in the hollows of your cheek by using foundation/concealer/powder and on your cheekbones as well. The higher you place your contour, the sharper your face will look.

That’s all for today girls, hope this helps.

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