7 Makeup Tips for Round Face

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Hope everything is doing good at your end! Today, we would be talking about makeup tips for round faces. Are you a woman who is blessed with a perfectly round face? Well, makeup tips differ according to the face shape, and today, we would be especially speaking about how to beautify your round face using these makeup tips. Using these makeup tips can help to accentuate your facial features rather than hiding them.

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In my opinion, round chin, broad forehead and large cheeks have nothing to do with shame! Instead, you should flaunt off these features with pride by following these quick and easy makeup tips. So, let’s get started!

1. Contouring Round Face:

Contouring.Make up woman face. Contour and highlight makeup.

Contouring your round face is the most important task that can help to make your face look slimmer and thin. Contouring should be done in such a way that it does not make your face look quite round. The most important makeup tip for the girls with round face is to contour your face properly. Contour in the downward direction as it will help to make your face look elongated instead of round.

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2. Focus on Strong Points:

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While you are doing makeup, you should always focus on the strong features of your face. You should use a highlighter and bronzer on the strong features of your face so that it draws the attention from not-so-perfect areas. Dab some blush on the chin and also at the forehead, so that it creates an illusion of more of a sculpted face.

3. Add Gloss:

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No matter whether you are wearing a nude shade lipstick or the darkest red, you should always choose to apply gloss on the lips. Adding gloss is a perfect secret tip that every girl with round face should remember. Adding a dash of gloss on your lipstick will help to bring the focus to the bottom of the face, thus, allowing your face to look longer and slimmer than usual. Dark shade lipsticks work much better!

4. Using Blush:

Close up of face of young woman getting powder on her cheek with a brush. She is smiling. Her eyes are closed

Most of the women prevent using blush on the face because they think it will make their face look more round. Well, that’s not the case because it depends on the application and placement of the blush on the face. You should always opt for matte finish blush and apply in the upward or downward direction. Apply blush under the cheekbones and blend it till the cheeks. Always opt for a warm shade of blush to enhance your features.

5. Winged Eye:

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One easy and quick tip to follow for girls with round face is to opt for a winged eye look. Apply regular makeup and then use black or brown eyeliner to create a winged eye. The deep curve of the winged eye can make your face look slim and thin. Also, it allows your cheeks to look slimmer and thinner.

6. Concentrate on Your Cheeks:

Never, ever forget your cheeks! As we mentioned earlier, a woman with round face often feels shy to flaunt off her large-sized cheeks. But girls, don’t be afraid the next time. So, some of them are not sure how to apply blush on cheeks, and hence, they skip it. Well, you should apply blush in the upward direction of the cheek so that it makes your face look slim. Also, you should start applying blush from your cheekbone and move towards the temple of the face. This will draw the attention from your round face and make it look slim.

7. Proper Shades:

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You should always use proper shades on your face. The golden rule for choosing the proper shade is choosing what looks good. Always choose a lighter shade as it helps to bring facial features forward, while dark shades may recede them. Choose a proper shade which blends well with your skin and also highlight your features. Always feel free to use a cream or powder, or a combination of both which will highlight your face.

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