9 Things that Happen Only at an Indian Wedding

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Indian weddings are crazy. There are all kinds of emotions on display with insane amount of money. No matter what we all love our weddings. Let’s find out some things that you will surely find at an Indian wedding.

indian wedding

Food Binds Them All

The amount of food platters and the food choices are endless in an Indian wedding. You will get tired and feel full just by looking at the food. Even then people fill their plates with piles of different food items and never really eat all of it. Hence the wastage!

People Know You but You Don’t Know Them

Ha-ha that actually happens a lot to all the teenagers! You have to say Namaste to some people just because they are smiling at you and you think to yourself that this person might be my distant relative!

Everyone Can Dance

everybody can dance

Firstly there are just a few little kids shaking their legs on the dance floor then comes a few aunties dancing around in a corner. And then few uncles who think they are in some dance competition and show some killer moves, literally killing us all! That is not it. Every marriage has one uncle who is dead drunk and dances unapologetically on all songs that has the word Sharaab (alcohol) in it.

Uncomfortable Photo and Video Sessions

Imagine you are gulping down a big rasgulla down your throat and suddenly light flashes on your face. Oh well it is the wedding videographer who capture in the most uncomfortable of situations. Would you keep eating anyway or wait for him to go over to some other table?

Someone Will Always Mention, “You’re Next in Line”

There are all kinds of matchmakers in an Indian wedding and they all come up to you and say you are next beta. Heavens save you if you are a sibling of the bride or groom. Well then you will definitely walk out of the venue with at least 3-4 rishtaas!

You Can’t Please Everyone

There is a always a moody uncle from the boy’s side who can never be pleased. He will throw all kinds of tantrums and no matter what you would do, he will always show ungratefulness. My suggestion- leave him alone and he will come back to you 

Lavish Decorations in Gold

golden decor

We Indians don’t think about any other colour other than gold when it comes to wedding decorations. Gold is rich and expensive and Indian weddings are all about show offs. Aren’t they? For a change let’s celebrate the lives of the lovely couple who is getting married!

Red Carpet Moments

There is so much bling present in the sarees that ladies wear that you don’t need lights. The bling and the glitters are blinding to the eyes. There are so many red carpet moments that could put even an awards show’s red carpet to shame.

The Vidaai

You would need a heart made of stone to not cry at a vidaai ceremony. No matter what kind of relationship you have with the bride, you will have tears in your eyes.

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