Airbrush Makeup or Normal Makeup for Your Wedding?

Wedding day for a girl is one of the most important milestone in every girl’s life. So, every girl wants to achieve that dreamy look that she desires and a perfect makeup is just icing on the cake. In today’s post, let’s contemplate between two of the most known makeup application techniques, airbrush makeup and normal makeup. So, let’s get started!

Airbrush Makeup or Normal Makeup for Your Wedding

Airbrush Makeup Vs Normal Makeup

Airbrush makeup is a makeup application technique which is non-transferable, meaning that slight rubbing or brushing against someone will not cause the makeup to come off of the face. This really comes handy when you are a bride and will be probably hugging a lot of people. While normal or traditional makeup is the makeup that we use in our daily lives, we can customise according to our need and occasion.

1. Longevity
As you are looking for hours and want your makeup to last the longest then you can go for either as both traditional makeup and airbrush makeup are formulated for all-day wear. When used with a primer, setting powder, and setting spray, traditional makeup can last just as long as airbrush makeup.

2. Better at handling humidity
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If you’re using a silicone-based airbrush foundation then airbrush makeup may last much longer than traditional makeup (and may be able to withstand sweat and tears much better), but you can obviously go for long wear foundations to achieve the same result in traditional makeup.

3. Cost
Air brush makeup cost more than the traditional makeup as air brush gun used in the method is a bit costly.

4. Better at covering imperfections
Airbrush makeup is light and provides a blanket-like finish, unlike traditional makeup which provides fuller coverage. You can really layer up airbrush makeup that well but this is not the case with traditional makeup as it can be layered up quite well and can cover up any imperfections whatsoever.

5. Which makeup is best on which skin type
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As we all know traditional makeup comes tailor made for all kinds of skin types but that is not the case with air brush makeup as airbrush makeup is waterproof, it has a consistency that’s not as creamy as traditional makeup, so if your skin is on the drier side, airbrush makeup can look flaky once applied.

6. Makeup and Weather
Airbrush makeup is long-lasting, lightweight, and suitable for use in all temperatures. Much like airbrush makeup, traditional makeup can also become long lasting with proper prep and setting spray in the end.

7. Tools
In air brush makeup, an air gun machine is used that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very matte finish. Finish can be thin or heavy depending on the application. While in traditional makeup, your basic everyday tools like brushes, sponges or beauty blenders are used.

8. Flawless finish
Airbrush makeup gives a very flawless finish without using much makeup as it takes less makeup to achieve the coverage you desire. You can build up with airbrush for little coverage to full coverage. But, if you have applied your traditional makeup really well, then you can achieve the same results.

9. Blending
If the air brush makeup for any reason gets wet and leaves a streak, there is nothing than can be done to blend it. Once the airbrush is applied, there is no moving it. Traditional makeup gives you a lot more freedom to make changes than airbrush.

10. Versatility
Traditional makeup comes in the widest variety with every shade available. It is also the most versatile of all the makeup; it can be as basic as a sheer tint and as heavyweight as full coverage foundation.

11. Flawlessness
The foundation used in airbrush makeup is thinner than the normal liquid foundation as it has to pass through an airbrush gun. Thus airbrush makeup is lighter on the skin in comparison to traditional makeup that can make you feel heavier. Airbrush makeup also blends in well while evening out the imperfections as it is lightweight, your skin can breathe and your skin looks polished, more natural and flawless. With that said, if you have a brilliant artist, their traditional makeup application could be at par with airbrush makeup applications.

So What Type Should I Choose?

Makeup is only as good as the artist. So if you have researched enough, then go for either of them!

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