9 Ways to Make Your Lips Look Bigger in 1 Minute or Less

How’s everyone doing? I can’t tell you how super happy I’m. I got placed in MU Sigma. I will now shift to Bangalore in a year. I’m so ecstatic. I can’t tell you guys. Bangalore is my dream city. So now, since the placements are over, I can write again. Let’s find out some ways that can make your lips appear fuller or bigger in one minute or less.

Make lips plump

Scrub them

lip scrub to make lips appear bigger

Dry, scaly lips reflect less light and thus appear smaller and dull. Scrub them gently with your toothbrush to remove dry and dead skin. This also improves blood circulation, giving pinker and rosier lips. Also, this step is a must for matte lipsticks as such lipsticks tend to enhance the dryness in the lips.

Keep them minty

If you’re not keen on chemical fillers and injections (who really is keen on them!) then search lip products that boast mint as one of their active ingredients. Mint is not only a pout enhancer but it also increases blood flow, thus rosier and fuller lips.

Nude filler

nude lip liner

Preparing a canvas for your lips is a must before applying pretty pigmented lipsticks. Fill your lips with a nude lip pencil to make a perfect canvas. This fills in the lines and gaps and hides imperfections. This also provides a larger area for filling the lips with the lipstick.


Use a dark colour to create a faux shadow outside your bottom lip. It can make your bottom lip look bigger. With a bronzer or darker neutral powder, lightly shade below your lower lip to give instant volume.

Line outside your lip line

overlining the lip line

Another trick for bigger lips is to line outside the lips with a lip liner. The trick to doing this is to do it ever so subtly that it’s not even evident. The artists at MAC have tried this on my lips on multiple occasions and I can assure you that your lips will look plumper.

Don’t go for darker hues

best mac pink lipsticks

The thing about darker shades is that they are trickier to apply and slightly difficult to pull off. Moreover, they make your lips appear flat instead of making them appear fuller. So if you want to make them appear fuller, stay away from dark hues but go for only those light shades that actually suit you. For example, light colours don’t go well with my skin tone so staying away from dark hues is not an option for me.


Those pink, glossy lips we were drawn to as teens, they provide plumper lips. If you watch video tutorials of how to fake plump lips, the first thing mentioned is to dab a little bit of shimmer on the lower lip. This tends to draw the light on the middle portion of the lower lip and creates a faux shadow on the outer portion of the lower lip, thereby faking plump lips. This is exactly what the glosses do. So next time, dab a little gloss on your lips if you want plump lips.

Focus on cupid’s bow

woman makeup highlighting

When using your highlighter, don’t forget to dab a little on your cupid’s bow. This is the little dip in the centre of your lips. Accentuating this feature is of utmost importance and can take the makeup game to an all new level. It will also let light fall on it and will make the lips look plump and beautiful.

Ice cube massage

A massage with ice cubes is harmless, natural and will give more color and volume to your lips. Rub each circular rim with an ice cube, so the muscles will relax and the blood flows faster. This will make your lips naturally red and fuller.

If you do have your own tips, please share. I would love to hear them.

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