Tips to Look Pretty in 5 minutes

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The weather is already changing and we could feel that cool pleasant breeze in the morning and evening. This is the perfect time to enjoy and take strolls in the parks! I am loving this season! But in this weather I don’t like to wake up early morning and going to office. Feel like sleeping for those extra 5 minutes snuggly in my bed.

These days going out anywhere is a rush for me as I have to first get the little one ready and by the time I get time to dress up, I am already exhausted! I don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes in getting ready!

So today I am going to share few tips to look beautiful in 5 minutes or less.


Let’s begin girls!

• Follow a good CTM routine on a daily basis before sleeping so that you can wake up to a fresh looking skin.
• Keep your make up easily accessible and the brushes handy.
Moisturize your face and body properly after bath to let the goodness soak in to the skin.
• First step in makeup is to hide those dark circles and tiny teeny spots on your face using a light weight concealer. Choose an oil-free concealer during summers.


• Now even out the skin tone on your face and neck using a BB cream for a natural look. To avoid this step, you can also use a tinted moisturizer in the beginning.
• Define your eyes using an eyelash curler, thick eyeliner and some shadow.
• You can create a more dramatic look by smudging the eyeliner a little bit and avoiding shadow, instead you can use some Kajal on the lower lash line.
• Pat some blush on your check bones to get that glowing flush of color.
• Line your lips using a lip liner and fill in the matching lip color.

Hot-Pink-Lips (1)

• You can apply some bold colors like dark pink, red,orange or berry to instantly brighten your face.
• If you want a more natural look, then avoid lipstick and just dab on a light weight lip gloss.
• Choose a hair style which is easy to do within a minute or less. Get your hair ready the night before.
• You can wash your hair the previous night, dry them partially and braid them to get nice waves in the morning. Just apply a setting spray and run your fingers down your hair in the morning. You are good to go!


These are some tips I follow to avoid that early morning rush and get ready in 5 minutes or less!

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