How to Achieve the Korean ‘Glass Skin’ Effect

A couple of years ago, Korean skincare took the beauty industry by storm. Their toners, essences, serums, sheet masks and ampoules have inspired many Western brands to introduce their own version of the products. Nowadays, many skincare trends are gaining popularity, the most recent one being “glass skin”. To know more about the routine for achieving this look, keep reading.

The “glass skin” effect was popularized by makeup artist Ellie Choi’s dewy, pore-less and hydrated skin in her Instagram post. This look refers to incredibly moisturized and luminous skin, almost translucent and mimicking clear glass. It has become more popular than the matte look as it gives the illusion of healthy skin.

The first step is to completely eliminate any residual oil, makeup or pollutants on the skin. The double cleansing method works the best. In addition, exfoliating the skin ensures that the dead cells of the skin are removed. Most Korean beauty experts recommend using chemical exfoliants as they are more effective in refining the skin texture. These steps will ensure that the skin is smooth and ready to accept subsequent skincare products.

The next few layers should be based around intense hydration and moisturization. Many beauty experts recommend using the 7-skin method, which involves patting small amounts of toner on the face seven times. People with oily skin can use oil-free toners, while people with dry skin must stay away from alcohol-based toners. This will ensure that the skin becomes plump and clear. The next step can either employ a moisturizing, cream-based sheet mask or a moisturizing essence.

The key is to apply each product in small quantities and build the hydration and nourishment with each step. Ample amount of time must also be given between all the steps to ensure the products absorb evenly and without any residue. As a last step, a deeply nourishing moisturizer may be used on top. This will add a glow to the already hydrated, clear, and plump skin. To keep the skin hydrated and luminous, a light facial mist can be used throughout the day.

To add an extra touch of coverage, a dewy foundation may be used for dark spots. For this look, cushion foundations work the best as they provide light and natural coverage. A luminous highlighter can be lightly dabbed on the highest points of the face. Highlighter can be substituted with a natural looking strobing cream too. Alternatively, petroleum jelly like Vaseline may be used on the cheekbones to create the illusion of dewy, glass-like skin.

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