Inexpensive Makeup and Beauty Solutions For Brides

Inexpensive Makeup and Beauty Solutions For Brides

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

We all know that wedding season is round the corner.  Today, I will be writing on something which I hope will be of help to brides-to-be. With the ever-increasing prices of cosmetics and skin care goodies, not all of us can afford to have all of them in our kitty, especially ones who have the other expenses of a wedding to think about. But every girl wishes to look her best on her special day. I see no reason why she should not look as gorgeous on her wedding day as the lucky girls who can spend a fortune on these things. So, this post is for those girls who have to check their purses before buying stuff.  I hope it will be helpful.

The three things I will talk about is skin care, hair care and make up. This is going to be a long article, so please bear with me 🙂

The skincare and hair care routine should essentially start at least one month before the wedding/


1. Very often we hear that we need to change our entire diet for healthy skin. But in reality, that “strict” routine hardly lasts! I have fairly good skin and believe me, I do not cringe at the sight of sweets and fried things. I have them but yes, within limits. One thing you can do is include fresh fruits in your diet. Read about it in detail in my post “How To Get Clear Glowing Skin”. Gorge in fruits whenever you can! Do not lose a chance of having even a single piece of fruit. For example, Diwali is coming up, there will be lots of fruits as prasad. Have them as much as you can.


2. Every morning, use a pack of honey, rose water and ginger juice on your face after you brush your teeth. Read about it in detail here. Keep it for about 10 to 15 minutes and wash off with plain water. As soon as the milk man comes, take a bit of raw milk in a katori and keep it in the fridge. Use this as a cleanser with a cotton ball for your face at night. It is a very effective cleanser and also regular usage will lighten any tan or blemish. After that, use cold rose water as a toner.  These two things will do cleansing and toning as effectively as any expensive cleanser and toner. After that lather up with Ayur  Moisturizing Lotion ( for normal to dry skin), Clean and Clear Water-Based Moisturizer (for oily skin).


3. Use a pack of curd, haldi and besan on your face and body (remember to apply on your back as well) for two days a week. Cut out thin slices of potato and place over your eyes while you let the face pack dry. This cheap potato slice will be your anti-dark circle eye mask while the pack will be your skin brightening and exfoliating pack.
4. Once a week apply, a nourishing pack with mashed banana and honey. For oily skin, use a pack of tomato juice, grated cucumber and curd.
5. Use sunscreen whenever you go out. Jovees has some nice sunscreens within affordable price. As soon as you return, rub pieces of tomato/cucumber all over your face and neck to “de-tan” immediately. Better still, you can rub some curd too.
6. Massage two to three drops of plain coconut oil all over your body just after a shower. This will ensure a clear-toned complexion and nourished skin throughout the body.
7. Drink water whenever you can, at least 6 glasses a day. This is very necessary to flush out the toxins from the body.
8. Last in skin care, but the most important is to AVOID mixing with complicated people whose conversations make you tensed and your sleep flies away out of the window 😛 Stay tension free and get lots of sleep.

Hair Care:

1. Use plain coconut/almond oil or whichever oil suits you, but use it regularly, once a week at least. Massage onto your hair with gentle strokes and leave on for 1 hour.


2. Use a pack of henna, curd/eggs, coffee, a bit of lemon juice once a week.
3. For really dry hair, use mashed banana and honey on hair.  Wash off with mild shampoo.
4. Use a good shampoo and conditioner at least twice a week.
5. For an intensive hair nourishment, heat methi seeds in coconut oil and apply this oil for massage.

If you follow this regularly, you will definitely see yourself glowing on D Day!


Now, for the make up essentials: I will list out a few affordable make up things here. It will be a beginners make up kit and you can add your own stuff gradually:


1. Foundation:  Though all of us do not use foundation every day, it is necessary on the wedding day for the make up to last longer. Pick Lakme Face Magic Souffle if you have problem free skin and Lakme Invisible Foundation if you need more coverage.

Lakme Invisible Foundation
2. Compact powder: Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact offers many shades to chose from as well as it is affordable.


3. Blush:  Blushers are generally costly. But you can pick Tips and Toes Dual Blush(see my review here). It has got both blusher and highlighter in one.


4. Eyeliner : Buy Streetwear eyeliner in black. It costs just Rs. 55 and has a wonderful brush. Also, get VOV eyeliner pencils in brown and other colors you want. It costs around 40 bucks (check the review here).
5. Masacara: Maybelline hypercurl mascara in black for nights and Streetwear mascara in transparent shade for day wear. These mascaras will cost around Rs.200 and Rs. 160.


6. Kajal: If you want a smudge-proof kajal, go for Maybelline Colossal.  Otherwise, you can simply use Lakme kajal, which we get for around 60 bucks.


7. Eye shadow: Eye shadows are generally very hard to get in a limited budget. I would suggest that go for VOV eye shadow palettes, they have good shades and they are pretty inexpensive too.  Just make sure you get the authentic ones from proper VOV counters.
8. Lip Balm:  There is a huge option in lip balms. The range starts from as less as Rs.20! choose yours freely 😛
9. Lipsticks:  Get two shades, one for nights and one for day wear. Faces brand has a “Go Chic” range which has pretty nice shades for 190 bucks. For experimental shades, go for Elle 18 Color Pop range.
10. Lipliner:  Try the Davies eyeliner and lip liner pencils. They come for just Rs. 20! You may also try Miss Claire lip pencils.
11. Lip gloss: Try Miss Claire lip gloss. They come for Rs.100. Read review here.
12. Brushes:  Try Vega brushes. A blush brush, an eye shadow applicator, a lip filler will suffice. Read my post on inexpensive alternatives to costly make up brushes here.


13. Nail paints: Elle 18 color pops has some seriously nice shades. Streetwear is a nice option too.
14. Keep bindis, cotton balls and, safety pins, rubber bands and back clips.

So, this basic makeup kit will cost you under Rs. 2000. There is no need for makeup removers as you can use plain coconut oil for the same (I use coconut oil). Otherwise, you can make yourself your own make up remover. It was shared by Rama here on IMBB.

This is all you need to glow on your special day! Do let me know if you have any specific queries regarding these tips. I will try to help. Also, if you need any tutorials, let me know that too, I will be glad to help.  Thanks for reading and having the patience to go through this long article.

Keep smiling, keep glowing! Bye!

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      1. Hey, nail color reminds me there is ongoing Diwali offer on shopping.indiatimes for VOV nail paints at Rs 99 and buy one get one free. So each nail paint for Rs 58 🙂

  1. Hats off to u for this girl..this will b so helpful to so many brides seriously..! But i feel not just brides but any1 who wants beauty on a budget..u covered so many n all imp points..kudos girl! Brava!

    1. what is your hair type mayuri? and i really believe that shampoo and conditioners wont help fight hairfall prob 🙁 its an internal issue and needs to be dealt with proper diet

  2. Wow aps. very thoughtful post for the brides to be. U know i come a little late on IMBB otherwise i can have a lots of makeup and tips for the D- day. I was married one year ago..

  3. I am married but will love to follow the skin and hair care routine..and thanks a ton for letting know about henna with curd.i love to apply henna but afraid of dry hair, have heard many times about mixing henna and curd but not everyone say tried and tested 🙂

    1. hey divya, we use coconut oil or almond oil in the pack at home. my mum never misses these “oil shots” 😉 u can use any oil of ur choice to combat dryness. coconut is best option 🙂

  4. very nice article dear….. nt everyone may be able to afford the expensive brands… also most of the make up companies are just increasing the price of the products like nobody’s business… is that lakme maroon color waala compact still available in the market?? i used to love it 🙂

  5. It`s a great article but there`s one glitch – These makeup ranges thaqt you suggested is perfect for everyday makeup but definitely NOT for bridal makeup – it wont even last 2 hours before its starts to fade and get oily and look patchy in photos. It`s always advisable to invest in quality makeup for such a special occasion.

    1. i dont know Arja, my sis got married last december and these were the products i used for her. she literally glowed and people asked her from which parlour she had done her make up 😛 obviously expensive brands will provide better effect, but if i had included them in this post, it would lose all meaning of writing this post 🙂 i still know girls who can shell out maximum 1500 to 2000 bucks for make up purpose as they are on tight budget. this one was for those beauties 🙂 and i think if we follow a skincare regime and have good healthy skin, we donot need expensive make up. but thank u for liking the article. your suggestions mean a lot to me! <3 🙂

  6. Aww.. I regret getting married early.. :O I shud have waited till 2012 december 😀 Thankfully my skin care n hair care regime matches as per ur post..!
    Wt a smart n budget shopping yaar!
    I just mailed it to my best frnd,she is getting married on coming december.. 🙂 she was like whoaaaaaaaaaa.. weldon dear.. 🙂

  7. Hey Aparajita! Nice writeup I liked the blush one the most..since i was looking for giting something to my younger sis 🙂 and also the fruits part since i keep telling ppl the same thing

  8. I have mailed the link to my sis who is getting married at the end of this month also a lot of tips for me too to benefit for the wedding. Thanks for the great article Aparajita

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