Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner Review

Hi beauties,

Today, I will be reviewing a toner. I have been using it since almost 9 months and have emptied many bottles of it, but I still go back to it since I have found it to be the best one for me till date.

Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner

Product Description:
An alcohol- and oil-free toner that replenishes and balances skin.  This hydrating toner combines alguronic acid with witch hazel and chamomile to tone and soothe skin gently, creating a complexion that appears revitalized, brightened, and softened. The formula replenishes and balances skin’s moisture levels, purifies, and prepares skin to absorb serums and moisturizers more efficiently.  It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

  • Alguronic Acid: Helps create a more youthful appearance through a patented and powerful compound that demonstrates significant anti-aging properties.
  • Witch Hazel: Soothes and moisturizes.
  • Chamomile: Replenishes and balances skin.

Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner


Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner

How To Use:

  • Use daily after cleansing, before applying moisturizer.
  • Using a cotton ball, gently cover the entire face, neck and décolleté.

Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner

25 USD for 125 ml product.

My Experience with Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner:

This toner has really wowed me in all aspects – in one word – it’s outstanding!

Packaging:  It comes in a white box having all details written on it. Inside is a white, semi transparent plastic bottle with a black cap. Inside is a small pore, from which the product is dispensed when you tilt the bottle.

Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner

Fragrance: It has an extremely nice but light fruity floral fragrance, which immediately soothes your senses. The toner is transparent and has to be applied using a cotton pad.

Consistency: It is an extremely lightweight toner, which works well on my skin and does not leave behind any stickiness. All it leaves behind is soft and hydrated skin.

Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner

Formula: The formula of this product is excellent. All ingredients are suitable for all skin types. I was a bit worried about the “witch hazel,” which is present as the fourth ingredient in the list since I have normal to dry skin. I have used it during winters as well as summers and I am awed by its results.

Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner

Results: This is an extremely nice toner, which I would recommend to all skin types in all seasons. It removes residual makeup effectively.  It is very lightweight and does not leave behind any slick film or stickiness behind on the skin. It is very helpful for oily skin types; but I found no faults in it on my dry skin even during winters. It leaves behind a mild pleasant fragrance, and makes the skin very soft, smooth and hydrated.  My serum tends to get absorbed better after using this toner. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product.

Pros of Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner:

  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Mild pleasant fragrance.
  • Very lightweight.
  • No stickiness left behind on the skin.
  • Great for all skin types in all weathers.
  • Helps remove all residual makeup.
  • Helps in better absorption of the following skin care products.
  • Keeps skin very soft and supple and hydrated.
  • No parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Cons of Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner:

  • Expensive.
  • Unavailability in India.
  • Presence of Witch Hazel may be a cause of worry for some (but it did not cause any problem on my dry skin in winter).

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner?
Absolutely, you must give this one a try.

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