MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum Review

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum Review

This is the third product I have tried from MAC’s Lightful Marine Bright Formula range – I have reviewed MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Moisture Creme and MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Cleanser earlier and both products have worked pretty well for me.  I should mention specifically that what works best for this range are the ingredients used in each product – antioxidants, algae extract, gentian root extract, rice bran extract are some of the common ingredients and they are hugely beneficial for the skin.  I took my own time to test and check out the results of this serum, it’s a costly product and I wanted to give it enough time.  Delving more into details about this product:

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum

Product Description:

With the addition of Marine-Bright complex and Super-Duo Charged Water to its formula, this lightweight serum now acts more powerfully to moisten, condition and plump skin for a smoother, more radiant look and feel. Impact increases over time.

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum


Rs. 3200 for 30 ml.


MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum

My Take on MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum:

After using “100% fragrance-free” Clinique skin care products, the pleasantly fragranced MAC skin care is a welcome change.  I do not mind mild fragrance in skin care at all, only when it’s overtly strong does it hurt the olfactory nerves 😛 Since I started talking about the fragrance, all I can tell you is that it’s a pleasant and lovely fragrance and doesn’t linger on long after application.  In short, it’s not bothersome at all.  The essence or serum comes in a 30 ml container with a pump that you can lock securely by turning it towards the right.  The pump dispenses only a small drop with one squeeze, so there’s no wastage of the precious serum. I require about 4 to 5 drops each time and that’s enough to cover the face.  This way, this serum is gonna last me for quite a few months, 2 to 3 months I would say.  Before using, I make a point to shake the bottle well, you should do this for all liquid products. This one is a travel-friendly packaging because of the compact size and locking system, I forgot to mention that!

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum

Texture wise, it’s a slightly milky but lightweight serum, which spreads really well on the skin.  It does not sit on top of the skin like some heavy serums that I have tried.  The feel-good factor starts from the fragrance and it’s nice to watch the serum disappear into the skin without leaving any greasy layer on top of the skin.  Remarkably, my face does not sweat or grease up after application. The serum is so light that it does not feel heavy on the skin.

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum

It instantly hydrates and provides moisture to the skin.  The best thing is that you can wear it under your makeup.  I can totally skip moisturizer when I am wearing this foundation.  It prepares a good base and the makeup glides on smoothly.  There’s no issue of makeup melting off quickly because of the serum.  I have worn it on extremely hot days as well as on cooler rainy days, and it has worked equally good in both weathers.

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum

Coming to the effectiveness, this serum smoothes and plumps out the skin with regular use.  It’s great for oily, acne-prone, sensitive, dry, in fact all skin types.  I haven’t had any breakout with this serum, and that’s a pretty good sign that it does not clog pores.  I had stayed off serums for quite a while because they gave me acne, but not this one. In fact, I wear it at bedtime and wake up with smooth, well hydrated, and soft skin.

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum

This serum improves the overall condition of the skin, but after using it for around a month-and-half, I haven’t seen any remarkable brightening effect.  The skin texture and quality has improved a lot, but there’s no brightening effect per se.  I totally love this serum for the hydration that it provides to my extremely oily skin without oiling it up.  I have seen that it plumps out the fine lines on my forehead quite a bit.

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum

With the amazing ingredients that have gone into the serum, I am sure it will benefit the skin in the long run.  Do not expect it to brighten up your complexion miraculously, it’s a little too much to expect, but I want to testify clearly that this is the best serum I have used and it’s one of the best serums for all skin types.

MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum:

  • A lightweight serum/essence that hydrates and plumps out skin.
  • Provides adequate hydration.
  • Smells very good.
  • Does not grease up oily skin.
  • Will not break out acne-prone skin, does not clog pores.
  • A very good serum with ingredients like gentian root, green tea extract, silk powder, algae extract, rice bran extract, etc., which would be good for the skin in the long run.
  • Makes skin soft and supple with regular use.
  • Clears out dry patches of the skin.
  • Can be worn under makeup.
  • Does not make the face sweaty.
  • Good for all skin types including oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin.

Cons of MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum:

  • Haven’t seen any brightening effect, I have used it for over one-and-half months now.

Well, there is no other con actually.  It says it’s a brightening serum and people would expect “brightening” literally, it fails there, but believe me, it’s an amazing serum to include in your skin care routine.  I have not seen any other skin serum working for oily skin like this one!  It’s a very good serum for all skin types, please don’t expect more out of it!

Would I Repurchase MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Essence Serum?

Yes, I think I would.  If I take into account the price and the quantity one needs each time for application, I would agree that the price is justified.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (being a little generous because I really like this one).

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  2. Wow! Sounds so good! I always love your reviews, Jomol, as you too have oily skin like mine! Very helpful review! Thanks! I will check out the Volcanic ash exfoliator first, as you have suggested! 🙂

  3. Lovely review jomo….. It seems a grt product….. But am inundsted with serums now… Will definitely check this one out after a few months

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