All About Italian Rica Waxing

How many of you ladies here have a serious attack of rash and redness post-waxing? *Counting hands*. Ok everybody. I thought so! Rosin, also known as colophony, is the sap or sticky substance that comes from pine and spruce trees. Its “stickiness” lends itself to being used by many companies to produce hair removal waxes. Colophony is well recognized as a skin sensitizer and cause of allergic dermatitis. Rica wax is 100% Colophony Free.

All About Italian Rica Waxing

What is Rica wax?
It is a natural wax from Italy. The Italian-based professional uses a vegetable oil base combined with glyceryl rosinate (the sticky substance) for quality hair removal with less pain. The advantages of using Rica Wax are superior hair removal with less pain, and gentle and nourishing anti-inflammatory care.

Rica offers wax according to skin type:

• Normal Skin – Titanium.
• Dry Skin – Olive Oil.
• Sensitive Skin –Milk, Argan oil.

Then there are 2 more:

• Brazilian– Avocado.
• Luxury–Pearl.

My Experience with Italian Rica Waxing:

First, Rica’s cotton milk pre-wax gel was applied onto my hands. This was to cleanse and prepare the skin for hair removal. This guarantees proper sticking of the wax. It also sanitizes the skin to prevent infection of the follicles.

All About Italian Rica Waxing

Next, the lady applied the Rica Olive oil liposoluble wax. This wax doesn’t have to be heated. No risks of burning, in addition to its wonderful goodness! And true to their claim, the superior grip on the hair, allowed removal in just one pull. No more re-applying and pulling and tugging, yay! Both hands were done in a matter of minutes. I am not sure of their claim about causing less pain though. I mean the pain is due to the pulling of the hair from its roots and the type of wax wouldn’t really affect that right?

Post waxing, there was wax stuck onto the skin like a film. She applied Rica’s coconut after-wax emulsion to remove the residual wax.

Lastly, she applied Rica’s Aloe vera after wax lotion to reduce any bit of redness and to soothe and moisturize the stressed skin.

All About Italian Rica Waxing

This cost me 600 INR for both hands. It is costlier than your usual waxing. Well obviously, it has to be imported from Italy, plus all the ingredients and products used, do call for that. The individual products are retailing in Indian online websites as well. So, you can give them a try if your salon doesn’t have this.

It was a good experience and though I may not completely switch to this, I will at least get this done on every alternate trip to the salon 🙂

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14 thoughts on “All About Italian Rica Waxing

  1. I recently went to the parlor and the beautician suggested me to try the Rica wax. I’m glad I listened to her since it doesn’t cause any inflammation after being waxed!
    I have super super superr sensitive skin making my skin red everytime I used the other wax variants, but Rica wax reduced all the redness and inflammation! 😀 😀

  2. Hey! I used sara wax at home. The first time I used it, the wax worked. My skin became smoother and no ingrown hair. And hair didn’t come back for 2 months!! I was very happy! The container is tin like…just like any other wax container. It is not air tight. The second time when I was using it, it didn’t grab any hair. It lost all its sticking property. I don’t know if this is due to any moisture contact or amazon sent me expired wax! I searched the internet for this kind of problem. one ever faced anything like this. Unlucky me! Now I have to get rid of the wax! ;( Has anyone ever had problem like this? I am afraid that if I buy another liposoluble wax (professional expensive one like rica or sara) I will have to get rid of it after the first use! Please help!

  3. hi, I used rica for around 3 years every month when I was in India. The most amazing thing is it reduces hair growth. Now I have very-very less hair growth even on my legs and under arms.

  4. Hey.. You mentioned that this wax need not to be heated, but the Rica official site in all its wax products tells to heat it first. I am confused.. should it be heated or not??? and i have a very dry skin, please suggest me which rica wax should i use.

  5. Hi..I am currently using Rica white chocolate wax at is really good..but as I am using it for the first time at home..never realized it would be so sticky..i spilled some on the floor aswell n some got into my head hair. Kindly suggest how to remove it from floor n
    Head ?

  6. I recently visited this salon that a friend of mine suggested. When I went there for the first time to get my hands waxed, the lady actually freaked out after seeing the redness in my arms once the wax had been done. This happens to my skin every time I get my arms waxed and the redness does go away in 1-2 hours. The beautician at the salon asked me to try Rica Chocolate Wax the next time I come and so I did the same.

    The wax she used was creamy and white in color. This wax need not be heated for long like regular honey wax and feels gentle on the skin. It has superior hair gripping strength and there was hardly a need to wax the same area multiple times. This time my skin was less red and I was quite happy with my overall experience.

  7. Hi all I yesterday went to one new parlour and the lady used Rica white chocolate wax for chin and neck..But soon after chin waxing there are scars red marks which are burning if touched I applied ice n oil but no improvement..Can anyone suggest how to get rid of these red marks they are kinda impression of strip or may be wax..Kindly help as it’s looking really bad..

    1. Hi i got them too when i waxed my sidelock for the first time it might be because of some allergic reaction of your skin to some component in that wax. Always do a spot test at the back of the ear and wait for 1/2 hr and only then procede. This reaction shows that your skin is really sensitive and you shouldn’t use hot wax for your face.

      1. Hi ladies..same experience happened to me I did wax for my hands and legs..but that parlour staff didn’t applied any pre wax gel or, any post wax lotion…only olive oil she used remove the excessive from body…once I reached home believe me..I ‘ve severely itching on the waxed area with red spots…suffering from two days

  8. I have dry skin and i am.getting marride in nov.. so can anyone suggest me good wax?
    Rica is good for bridal or not?

  9. Hi, can I use RICA Wax for waxing chin hair at home. Can I use to wax the chin every week, since I can see the hair growth in a week time. Is it safe to use wax at home

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