How To Get A Bikini Wax

How To Get A Bikini Wax

Bikini wax is not much talked about because of the conservative society we live in. However, it is still there, available as one of the most sought-after hair removal treatment by mostly young ladies and would-be brides (apart from those hundreds of women who are associated with the glamour industry). It is being considered as a necessity by many while others just want to “check-it-out” because they are curious. Whatever the reason may be, bikini wax is quite different from the commonly known hand or leg waxing experiences. Do you too plan to do a bikini wax? Hence this article is a must-read if you want to know everything you need to know about getting a bikini wax!

How To Get A Bikini Wax:  Preparation

You need to prepare yourself in the right way before you want to get the bikini wax done.  Here are the things to keep in mind:

  • You might think that trying the bikini wax at home, all by yourself, is a great idea. After all, it is way cheaper and definitely less awkward since you need not expose yourself to a stranger! However, the truth is that the idea is NOT great! Please try not to wax at home by yourself. Apart from the hassle involved and the impossibility of getting a clean wax, you might get badly hurt.
  • Shed the inhibition. Treat it just like any other beauty treatment. It is but obvious that the very idea of exposing yourself to a complete stranger fills you with shyness and you feel nervous. However, just keep in mind that you are not the only one. Anyone on earth who gets bikini wax has to do the same thing! The professionals too treat it in a professional way and you too should treat it just like that.
  • Ask a friend who has opted for one and has had a good experience. Research well. Go for an expert who is experienced and reputed. Even if you have to shell out a good amount of money, do not compromise so long as you get a very positive review about someone who is practising and proficient. Get an appointment.
  • Start exfoliating regularly to reduce the chances of getting ingrown hair. Make sure, the hair grows long enough.
  • Drink loads and loads of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • On the day of appointment, take bath but do not apply any cream or lotion around the area to get a better wax. Wear loose fitting clothes and if possible, old cotton undergarments.

Bikni Wax

How To Get a Bikini Wax Without Getting Hurt:

Bikini waxing is associated with a lot of pain. Here is what you can do to make it a bit less hurting for you:

  • Avoid the week and the week before when you get your periods. Schedule your appointment on the week after your periods.
  • As a first timer, it is better to go for a basic bikini wax.
  • Taking a pain reliever/pain killer about half-an-hour or one hour before the waxing session is known to help in lessening pain.
  • Hard wax is known to be gentler than soft wax; for this reason go for a salon that uses hard wax.
  • Relax when you are already in the waxing process. Inhale and exhale. Take deep breaths, but do not hold your breath.
  • When you are about to be pulled in your most sensitive areas, just turn your head and do something to distract yourself. You may want to watch TV if you have an option or simply start coughing.

Bikini Wax

How To Get a Bikini Wax By Yourself:

Though you shouldn’t try it yourself, here is what you should do if at all you want to experiment:

  • Get a waxing kit, preferably a hard wax kit meant for bikini waxing. You could also see if you can get a roll-on wax for even application.
  • Waxing strips are to be cut in small strips.
  • The bikini hair should be about 1/4″ in length and not more than 1/2″. Clippers are to be used to trim them if they are 1/2″ in length.
  • Cleanse the skin and apply the pre-epilating oil, which may be available with your waxing kit, but do not over apply it. You may also like to apply some talcum powder instead of the oil.
  • Apply the wax with the help of an applicator. First apply in the direction opposite to the growth of hair and then along the direction of hair growth. You might need a small mirror to be placed between your legs for better visibility.
  • Use the same strokes at the time of application. Reach beyond the edges where the hair growth stops. Start with the upper areas which are accessible and work your way downwards.
  • Place the strip, use a hand to hold the skin stretched tight and with the other hand, pull at a go in the direction opposite to hair growth.
  • Repeat the procedure of removal.
  • If any hair is still missed out, tweezers may be used to remove them.
  • Clean the skin to do away with any wax remnants.
  • Apply an after-wax soothing product. Aloe vera gel can also be used.

How To Get a Bikini Wax:  Tips and Warnings

  • Try not to do bikini wax at home.
  • Appoint a reputed and experienced professional to get it done.
  • Do not shave to remove any missed hair.
  • For hot wax, test the temperature on hands or legs before applying on bikini area.
  • If bleeding or bumps occur, get the advice of your professional.

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59 thoughts on “How To Get A Bikini Wax

    1. i know what u mean!!! b4 writing, i had dscussed things with a couple f frnds who gt it done…OMG! the pain they experienced…..said they flt like just opting out f it midway….!

  1. Nice article Somreeta! I get it done pretty regularly and a little word of caution to everyone who is planning to get it done – NOTHING can prepare you for the pain when you get it done for the first time, its like two tight slaps on your face and some more! But with time you will find it less painful…eating a banana sometime before waxing also helps (this is an age old tip and somehow works for me)

    1. wwwohaaa Aarbee!!! regularly???? OMG!
      but then, the banana tip is something i dint know… thanx for sharing 🙂

      1. LOL…pretty regularly I know, but now I know what to expect so it hurts slightly less I’d say…oh n the banana tip is just a psychological thing I guess, my Dadi used to say that and I believed her n I feel it hurts less if I have a banana before waxing, so its a mental thing I suppose…some of my friends laugh at me for this but some have also said it works for them…so 🙂

        1. Hey Aarbee,
          One of my friend got it done and said there was no hair growth for next 6 months… sounded little exaggerated, how frequent you go for it?

    1. i can understand…most of us feel shy talking abt it and yet its so much sought after…so i thot of writing abt it 🙂 m happy it helpd u know things… 🙂

  2. Cool,…th first point is so true ,….I had a colleague who learnt the hard way that DIY is not goodgor bikini wax ….just b4 her wedding

  3. I don’t think I could ever go to a parlour and let some stranger do it for me, so I tried doing this myself. Did a bit of researching online, though it did say not to try it yourself, I went ahead. And it hurt so bad As of now i have done it twice, and the pain still din’t get any better. I have read that having a painkiller or two while waxing the bikini line should help. I tried, but dint help much. I would love to know if anyone else has tried this.

    1. Dear Vaish
      I tried it at home, but i used veet wax strip instead of wax( i cut those strip in one inch long)………… At first time it was very painful OMG i was abt to scream because of pain, somehow i finished it off , then applied lots of aloevera gel and took mild hot shower.My pain was over in 5 to 6 hrs. Since then I am doing bikini wax at regular basis ( till now i have done 6 times) and pain has reduced considerably. and i m very happy with result as i have less hair growth and more smooth skin !!!!!!!!!!!! it feels so nice. I would suggest one should do it while stand up .

      1. Shall try this. The problem with hot wax is that your bikini line is much sensitive than your hands and legs, so the amount heat that it can stand is much lesser than the other parts. So I usually would be literally jumping half the time because of the heat 🙁 It pains like hell but the end result is definitely great, like you said Swadha, ‘Less hair growth and more smooth skin’ 🙂

      2. hi swadha, u r right its painful at first but slowly you get used to it.. i get it done regularly but thinking of trying veet wax strips..

    1. umm…..Shami, a friend of mine uses the razor…the ones framed esp for the bikini line! she says it works for her! ive no 1st hand personal experience though……!
      actualy the hair removal creams r nt supposed to be used there…..! 🙁

  4. OMG! Reading through it gives me pain 😛 I already hate the regular waxing, baring it all in front a stranger..err..I will have to built up courage!
    As always, very informative article Somreeta 🙂

    1. thanks Namita!!! somehow, ur display pic (no matter how small) gives a perfect expression!!! afraid types (of waxing of course!!! ) 😛 😛 hehehehe!!! thank dear 🙂 i wish there were shortcuts to smooth hairfree skin!

    1. LOL…FG!!! and i toh look forward to the jabber comments that u all give 😛 haha!!! thanks dear 🙂

    1. is that so Simanthi?????????? i guess u r the only 1 so far who says so!!!
      if it hurt u so little, t must be dat u got huuuuuuuuuuuuuge power of beauty tolerance or else…..its an exception!..! hats off man! 🙂 🙂

  5. i tried the razor once and while the process itself is not painful, the hair that grows back is kinda prickly and as funny as it may sound, there is such an urge to scratch so much that you wonder if u r actually better without all this..:)

    1. dats pretty expected Aru!!! how else can guys have such prickly cheeks with all that beard shaving and stuff! bt being prickly there is a hell uncomfortable thing and then…… embarrassing too i guess!!! i wish kuch easy aur effective milta….no pain and all gain type 🙁

  6. Ohh…I second Aru…itchy business!!

    And the whole waxing thing sounds so painful…headbang. I remember seeing a Sex and the City episode on this topic….hah hah

  7. just read the article somreeta. totally bang on. i got bikini wax done professionally and i had so many bumps and sores that it took more than 15 days to heal. :(( I guess it’s not menat for me. I do regular very close trimmings but honestly i would really wont mind a permanent solution to this. When i went to singapore, i got a lot of bikini razors and they were awesome. but we dont get them here. guess on my next travel i’d stock up on more of those only.

    1. 15 days to heal!!! i can totally understand…. 🙁 and dat area is soooooooooooo sensitive!!!! must have been so much pain Rati 🙁
      i heard dat u get those razors in Singapore….r they very good??? as in how far with the pricky and itchy business abt those razors??

  8. Since everyone is talking so much about options to do this, i just wanted to know are Epilators any good to do bikini waxing ? has anyone tried it before?

  9. *shy* I agree bikini waxing is painful, but even though we need it (Just like boyfriend 😉 lol) . Best trick is to apply some local anesthesia gel or spray on the area before and during waxing. Sometime chemist shop attendant gives you without prescription but most of the time you need one. So, try to get it written from your regular Doctor. After waxing you may use some soothing gel, but I recommend from my experience (I am a regular) use “Neosporin” cream, its available at any chemist shop. It helps to fight infection along with relieving from pain. One more fact for the beginners, leave the thin strip of hair at center part of your Vjayjay, as that’s the most sensitive part. its called French waxing,leaves a vertical strip in front (sometimes called a landing/Playboy strip), two to three finger-widths long. Once you get use to of the pain, u may keep it clean completely. Keep looking gorgeous, Sisters !

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