Amazing Ways to Remove Nail Polish without Using Remover

Bright, attractive and creative nail paint on your fingers is a beautiful sight to be seen. We all love our nails and want to groom them well with the best quality of nail paints and many other essentials required to get that perfect manicure. Applying nail paint has no bar or age limit, even a small, school going girl also has a fantasy to use nail paints and also a women who is approaching her 50’s can groom her nail well. I, personally, give a special attention to my nail colour so that it looks attractive and give a cool, chic look.

Amazing Ways to Remove Nail Polish without Using Remover3

If you think nail paint is the least cared about makeup product, than you are absolutely wrong! Nail paints do have their own standard and you can check out the wide range of quality and price range present in the market. But, to get that perfect manicure, first you need a nail paint remover to get rid of the previously applied nail paint. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that you are out of nail paint remover and you want to change the nail paint immediately. Now what?? Don’t worry there are some substitutes that you can use to remove nail paint in the absence of nail paint remover.

Amazing Ways to Remove Nail Polish without Using Remover2

Perfumes have the same composition as nail paint remover. You can spray perfume over your nail paint and remove it immediately with the cotton ball or cloth. If you think nail paint has not completely been rubbed off, spray again and wait for few more seconds so that it clears out completely with next swipe. Take special care if you have any cuts or scratches on nearby areas.

Hand Sanitizer
Did you know hand sanitizer could be used to remove nail paints from your nails? Surprisingly, there are many ladies sharing their experience in removing nail paints with the help of hand sanitizer. It is very powerful to remove the nail paint’s molecules from the nails effectively and helps you achieve clean and germ free cuticles.

It is believed that alcohol acts as a charm in removing nail paint. Just dab the cotton ball in alcohol and rub it on your nail paint hard towards the edges after a minute. If not alcohol, you can also use alcohol based products on your nails. You need to repeat the process for 2-3 times if you nail paint contains glitter or if you have applied more than two coats.

Amazing Ways to Remove Nail Polish without Using Remover

Deodorants are among the most essential products to be carried by every girl in her purse. It not only keeps your body odour free, but also has an alternative use, i.e. of nail paint remover. You just need to spray deodorants directly on your nails and allow the deodorant to rest. After few minutes, you can remove off your nail paint with the help of cotton balls.

Top Coat
You can also apply a clear top coat over your nail paint and remove it immediately with the cotton ball. The recently applied wet top coat helps to remove the nail paint that is already present on the nails. But remember, do not allow the top coat to dry, remove it off immediately while it is still wet.

Hair Spray
Amazing Ways to Remove Nail Polish without Using Remover1

If you don’t have any of the above listed things, you can also use hair spray. Directly spray on your already applied nail paint and use a napkin or a cotton ball to remove the paint immediately. If you feel that the nail paint has not completely been removed, repeat the process. Don’t leave the hair spray for too long on your nails, the cotton balls may stick on the hairspray making the process difficult.

Please remember all the above mentioned procedures should not be included in your daily routines, they can be practised once in a while or during emergencies. I hope I have collected some good information and you would find my post useful. Have a great day ahead. 🙂

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