Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 01 Long Lasting and No Transfer Pencil

Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 01 Long Lasting and No Transfer Pencil

Hi IMBB Beauties, Today, I am going to review my first Chambor buy called the Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner. The shade I have is listed as ET 01 and comes in the original black color. After my Maybelline Colossal Kajal got over, which I absolutely loved though, I thought to try some other kohl or kajal. Chambor was a company I always wanted to try, though after reading many of the reviews on IMBB, I was pretty confused about the efficacy of the products. However, I decided to give Chambor a chance and this is what I feel about my Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner.

Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 01 Long Lasting and No Transfer Pencil

Before I begin with the review, a little about Chambor:

Chambor is a company from Switzerland which made its entry into Indian market in 1993. As the chambor website claims:
Their belief that “Every Woman is Inherently Beautiful & Make Up will Just Enhance this Beauty” has literally changed the face of beauty business in India.” The following are the certain guidelines that the company necessarily follows:
• All Chambor products have “NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS.”
• Our Products are of High Quality Solutions (HQS).
• Our Colors are suitable for Indian Complexion.
• Premium, Exclusive and Make Up range.
• Follows current fashion trends.
• Approachable & aspirational beauty.
• Elegant style.

INR 350 for 1.15 g.

Shelf Life:
36 months.

Product Description:
It is a long-lasting and no transfer pencil. The SA told me that the liner is waterproof and needs eye makeup remover to rub it off.

My Experience with Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 01 – Long Lasting and No Transfer Pencil:

I have a mixed response to this Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor. When I visited their website, I noticed the following points that they claim about their Eye Tattoo Liner.

Chambor eye pencil


Helps to highlight and shape your eyes to get the desired look. Be it – natural sans make up look, simply subtle or dramatic fluttering eyes.
• Helps define & shape the eyes giving either a Dramatic, Subtle or Natural look.
• Can be used both as Eyeliner & Eyeshadow.
• Matte Finish and in pencil form – easy to carry & apply.
• Water Proof – Stay On & Smudgeproof.
• Vitamin Enriched : Vitamin – E & A.
• No Animal Ingredients.
• Non – Comodogenic.
• Dermatologist Tested.
• Opthalmologist Tested.

I like the colour. It is pretty pigmented and the stay-on power is also good. In accordance to what the company claims, it is easy to use and it glides smoothly. I use it both on the waterline and the upper lid and it stays put for a good 5-6 hours or even more. However, it is not waterproof. Till the time I have been using it, I have never used eye makeup remover, but the kajal in my eyes was easily done away with after I washed my face with water.

Chambor tattoo eyeliner

Chambor eye tattoo pencil

Chambor eyeliner

Swatch is with one swipe of the liner.

Pros of Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 01 – Long Lasting and No Transfer Pencil:

  • The color of the eye tattoo liner is quite pigmented.
  • It is enriched with Vitamin E and A.
  • The eye tattoo liner glides on easily.
  • The staying power is good.
  • It is smudge proof.
  • The eye tattoo liner range comes in five different colors.
  • It is in a pencil form and so hopefully its longevity will be greater than the twist-up liners.

Cons of Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 01 – Long Lasting and No Transfer Pencil:

  • It is not waterproof contrary to what the Chambor claims.
  • The eye tattoo liner is on the expensive side.

P.S: I want to add here that I still haven’t sharpened my eye tattoo liner, so I can’t really comment on how good the pencil is when sharpened.



Will I Buy Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 01 – Long Lasting and No Transfer Pencil Again?

Uncertain. I would want to try kohls and kajals from other brands before I settle down with this. However, I am happy with my buy and don’t have any major complaints.

Hope it is helpful,



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25 thoughts on “Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner ET 01 Long Lasting and No Transfer Pencil

  1. have never tried the chambor eye pencils. but it seems like one of those products that are ok, kind of serve the purpose but not really the favourite.. 😉

  2. tried the chambor kohl…wasnt really happy wid it….though the lippy s r good..but the eye pencil…not waterproof… :spank:

    1. I wanted to try the kohl too, but they are not smudge proof. SO gave them a miss. However, when I asked the SA why the waterproof liner got washed away with water, she said that since I have an oily skin, i didnt need the eye makeup remover. Dont know how much of that is really true.

  3. i too wanted to try these, bt there was more good reviews on Faces and maybelline, so chose it..
    and i find them really good and inexpensive.. O:)

    1. btw can we use these pencils on the waterline??? cos i wear lens and i want something that’s non transferable…already had a bad experience with the new lakme silk eyeliner 😥 😥

      1. Ya nands, you can easily apply them on the waterline. It does not smuge for one thing, so little specs here and there wont be an issue at all.

  4. hi, good review, how would you compare this to maybelline colossal kajal. i am confused between which one to get, i need the darkest black of the two and with good staying power like four hours on the waterline without smudging, which would you suggest. thanks

    1. Hi Praseena,
      The maybelline colossal is also good. That does not smudge as well and the staying power is quite good too. However, it gets over really fast. Also the chambor shade is slightly more pigmented than the maybelline one. To tell you the truth, there is no major difference betwn the other, specially when you compare the difference in their price.

  5. This pencil,for me, is hovering around in the “Ummm….” zone. I want to buy it…but I sort of on’t get any hit of “wow” from it. :methinks:
    Great review,Anveshi. 🙂

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