Eye Makeup for Eye Shape and Color

Eye Makeup for Eye Shape and Color

Hey Angels, Today, I am going to share certain things in accordance with my limited knowledge, please forgive me if you are dissatisfied. A perfect “eye” and perfect “makeup” enhances your eye beauty. Eye makeup is a very important part of your makeup routine. It’s very important to understand your eye type first and then apply makeup, otherwise, you can commit such blunders as our lovely, Aishwarya.

Eye Makeup for Eye Shape and Color

Brown Eyes:

Brown eyes are the most “blessed” ones, any color of makeup suits them. Whosoever has brown eyes, they can apply any color of eye shadow or liner, especially any shade of brown will suit brown eyes the most, with lots and lots of mascara.


Third Pic

Black Eyes:

Brown Chocolaty and Soft Gold Colored Liners
Gold, Smoky Black or Grey Colored Eye Shadows

Black Eyes Rati Fourth


Black smoky look, a “hot” combination, isn’t it?? for personal reference, meet our lovely Rati.

Blue Eyes:

Blue colored eye looks beautiful in brown mascara. A soft blue or green colored eye liner will give a very beautiful look to the eyes. Mascara in Brown, Rose, and Violet…please don’t use the exact matching shade of your eyes, otherwise, it will make your eyes look tedious.


Grey Eyes:

Charcoal, Brown Lilac, Mauve.


Bluish Green Eyes:

A profound makeup doesn’t suit these kinds of eyes. Dark Grey eyeliner with heavy mascara and curled lashes will add “stars” to these eyes. Deep Plum, Deep Greens, Peaches, Gold, Bronzes, Coppers, and Brown.


courtesy: http://www.abeautyclub.com

Small Eyes:

Those people who have small eyes just like me, they should avoid applying Kajal on the waterline, and rather, they should apply Kajal pencil or eyeliner on the outer lash line. This will make their eyes look bigger. Apply eye shadow of light color and start from a little above…


Big Eyes:

Use lighter shade in brow bone and crease and darker shade on the outer V. Don’t stretch the liner. Let it be limited to your eye length only, else it will make your eyes look bigger.


Asian Eyes:

To my all those ladies who have asian eyes, they should always apply single-colored eye shadow. Experimenting with multi colored shadows can create a mess. Starting from light color from the crease, make it dark above crease. Do stretch liner a little long and apply a lot of mascara.


Courtesy: http://monolidlove.tumblr.com


Round Eyes:

For round eyes, one should use in middle and lighter shade on the upper and lower crease. Stretch liner.


All Images have been taken from Google Images

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  1. Awesum tutorial sugi…loved the pics taht u used for refrence… and ash is looking really horrible in blue eye makeup.. :spank: :spank: :spank: but Rati is just amazingg.. :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: .. Aish must take some classes from rati or IMBB ppl.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

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  3. nice article Sudi 🙂 but u know i somehow liked Ashwarya’s make-up, but if i was she, then in addition to it i would lined my eyes thinly with kohl…

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