How To Perm Hair

How To Perm Hair

how to perm hair
Are you planning to go for a hair perm? Before you get a perfect perm, it is important for you to consider the condition of your hair. Depending on the texture as well as length, you must go for the right kind of perm. Whether you want to perm straight or curly, it can be done at home or at a salon of your choice. Read on if you want to know about the way to perm your hair yourself!

How to Perm Hair At Home

how to perm hair at home
Perming should not be a very difficult task for you if you have the right products ready at hand, a clear idea of the steps to be followed, some patience and a friend to assist you in your venture! You would be requiring a home perm kit, comb, blow dryer, benders (if you want to perm it curly), body cape and hair clips. Moreover, it is advised that you invest in a pair of protective gloves while you perm.

How To Perm Your Hair Curly In Ten Easy Steps

1. Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo suited to your hair type.
2. Next, your hair should be dried and a pre-perm solution should be applied. Rinse.
3. Take a comb and part your hair in small sections. Use hair clips to keep these parts separated.
4. Now, make your hair damp with the help of water, place hair sections in end papers that come with your kit and use the benders to roll each separated section of hair. Clamp the benders firmly.
5. The drip guard, which also comes with the perm kit, should be placed around your ears, forehead and neck. The body cape should be put on.
6. It is now time for you to apply the perm solution on each section of hair that has been rolled. Apply this solution liberally and do not store it for future use.
7. Set your hair as per the instructions on the perm kit. This is going to vary based on how long your hair is. You can however; check in every ten minutes how far your hair has curled. Keep doing it till you find your hair processed as per your needs.
8. Once it is done, your hair should be rinsed for about three minutes. Make sure that the benders remain in their places while you are rinsing. You would need your friend’s help at this stage. Pat your hair dry with the help of a towel.
9. A neutralizer needs to be applied on the sections of hair. Wait for five minutes.
10. Remove the benders and wash your hair with warm water to do away with the neutralizer. You can now blow dry your hair and style it as you wish!

How To Perm Your Hair Straight In Eight Easy Steps?

perm hair straight
1. Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo and let your hair dry.
2. Your hair now should be divided into four small sections. You can use the pointed end of a rat-tail comb.
3. Begin with the hair section at the back of your head. Pin up the rest of your hair with clips.
4. Wear the drip guard, and the body cape.
5. Apply perm solution liberally, just as it has been mentioned earlier. Wear gloves while you do it.
6. Repeat it for each section. All the four sections should be covered.
7. See the instructions given on your perm kit and let the solution stay on your hair as per the instructions.
8. The perm solution must now be rinsed with warm water. It is best to use a neutralizing shampoo which is generally available with the perm kit you are using.

What To Remember While And After Perming?

• Do not color your hair before you perm it. Perming should be followed by coloring and not the other way round as a color before would fade with the perm.
• If your scalp starts to itch severely or you have a burning sensation after application of perm solution, wash it off with the neutralizing shampoo immediately.
• You must not shampoo for two or three days after your perm session. Avoid coloring your hair just after perming. It would be wise for you to wait a fortnight!
• After a few days, when you start shampooing all over again, use a shampoo with moisturizer especially formulated for permed hair.
• If you are not so confident about perming your hair at home, take the help of an experienced professional at a well-known salon.

Happy Perming!

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