Arbonne Makeup Primer Review

Arbonne Makeup Primer Review

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I’m SO excited to share this with all of you. This is my sponsored product review. I know everyone’s thanking you – Rati and Sanjeev, for this wonderful gift you are giving to us, but I wanted to take out the time to thank you for more than that.  Last year around this time, I was a newbie just entering the world of makeup. It all started with reading a review on IMBB, then another and then another. Soon, I tried my first products, and learnt and practiced the wonderful art of makeup. I am a student at IIT, and you all know how we spend our time – studying, doing assignments, giving exams! My life was hell. I used to suffer from really low self-esteem about my looks, my skin color, and what not. I am becoming emotional even writing about it. Writing for this blog and interacting with all the wonderful people here made me love myself, and present to the world the best version of myself, and my confidence levels have soared since. No one around me is remotely into makeup, but IMBB has given me the confidence to stand out, and now my friends ask me for tips. So, a heartfelt thanks to not only Rati and Sanjeev, but all IMBBians for making me feel like I belong here!  Anyway, I will get on to the review now.


Product Description:

Vitamin-rich makeup primer visually diminishes fine lines and pores, creating a canvas for flawless makeup application.

Arbonne Makeup Primer 3


The RRP for this is written as $38 on their website, but I bought it online for around Rs.3300 for 30 ml.


Arbonne Makeup Primer 2


Coming to the part where I started loving it. As soon as I opened it, I loved it. The packaging speaks for itself. It looks so classy and high-end. The cap has the logo embossed on it, and the whole packaging speaks of understated elegance. The bottle has a pump dispenser which I always love, of course for the ease of usage and hygiene, and yes, the pump works really well and dispenses a sufficient quantity of product. The bottle itself is of dark, opaque plastic which does not let you see how much you have left.

My Take on My Take on Arbonne Makeup Primer:

This is a really long post ladies! So, I have combination skin with an incredibly oily T-zone. Like, I don’t get 30 minutes of shine-free time in my day, it’s that bad! On my bad skin days, I have somewhat large pores on my nose. I usually don’t have breakouts/acne/pimples. Never had more than one or two. I have incredibly irritating and embarrassing sweat glands which make my face even more shiny, even when it is not oily. Ugh.

Arbonne Makeup Primer 4

Till now, the only primer I had used were the ELF mineral infused primer, which was okay. It did help in creating a smooth base, but nothing more.  So, I wanted to try this one which is claimed to be a holy grail for oily skin and I was not disappointed.

Makeup primer Arbonne

So, I used this primer quite a few times because I wanted to test it in different weathers and conditions. I also used it with different foundations, BB creams and CC creams to see how it affected everything else. So, I started with a clean face and applied one pump to my T-zone and one pump to the rest of my face concentrating under-eyes because my concealer gets cakey too often. The product itself has a gel-like consistency with a very slight pink tinge to it (if you look very closely). The consistency is similar to the ELF one, and the feel is of silicone-based primers. It is really smooth and spreads on the face easily and feels like silk on the face. I prefer to use my fingers to apply it. After you apply it, you can’t really feel it but your face feels softer, and the pore sizes are diminished to some extent and overall your face looks like a very smooth canvas for makeup. I also have very fine lines in the under-eye area, but I did not see a significant difference after applying this. But the concealer does not get cakey when you apply it on top of this (you definitely need to set it with a powder though).

Arbonne Makeup Primer 5

First, I tried it with an oil-free foundation which stays on my skin for around 5 hours without the primer and transfers heavily to mobile phones. With this primer, the application was impeccably smooth (I used a stippling brush) and flawless. Usually, the foundation gets streaky in some areas but not with this primer. The foundation stayed for 8 hours plus on my face, and finally I had to take it off. Now, I would not claim that my face remained oil-free for 8 hours because that simply seems impossible, but yes, I got almost 4 to 5 hours of oil-free time, which was a first for me. Also, I applied the primer to only half my face and the result was clearly better with primer than without.

Arbonne Makeup Primer 6

I also used it with the Garnier BB creams, Ponds BB+ cream and the Lakme CC cream, and with all of these, the application looks flawless and perfect. Somehow even the shade gets adjusted automatically when using this primer – maybe because of the pink tinge? I don’t know, but it’s amazing.

The only problem I faced was my overactive sweat glands on my chin. I don’t know why it is so, but my chin gets beads of sweat within 10 minutes intervals and usually it isn’t all that visible but with the primer and foundation on, the droplets looked like spots on my chin and it looked bad. I quickly blotted it with a tissue which made it okay for a while, but it returns. This doesn’t happen in AC environments though. Also, when you blot it, the makeup doesn’t get off, so that’s a huge plus!

I think this is an amazing product for oily/combination skin, but I *cannot* say how it fares for breakout-prone skin because I remember people complaining about breaking out due to this.

Pros of Arbonne Makeup Primer:

  • Has an amazing texture, feels very smooth to the touch.
  • Makes your face very soft and smooth.
  • Foundation goes on flawlessly after using this.
  • Foundation wear is prolonged by using this.
  • Somehow the shades of BB and CC creams adjust to your face better after applying this.
  • Silicone based, so fills in pores and makes skin looks flawless.
  • Controls oil for a long time.
  • Makeup stays on and doesn’t transfer to mobiles with its use.
  • Packaging looks luxe and high-end.
  • Pump dispenser makes it hygienic and easy-to-use.
  • Has vitamins in its ingredients which improve appearance of skin.
  • Feels like pure luxury!

Cons of Arbonne Makeup Primer:

  • Makes beads of sweat appear like funny spots on your face.
  • Doesn’t really do anything for fine lines.
  • May not suit breakout-prone skin (I cannot personally attest to this).
  • Very expensive for the quantity offered.
  • May not work very well for peak Indian summer weather.
  • You need to get it from a representative or register yourself as one.

I know I gave a lot of cons, but the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion.

IMBB Rating:


Overall, I would say if you want to indulge yourself and have oily skin, then you should give it a try. I feel it is expensive even compared to brands like MAC and Benefit, which have great products, so I may try out theirs, and if I don’t like them, I will repurchase this.

Anyway, take care until next time!

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  1. More than the product I liked your review.. *haan ji*
    You have put so much effort into the review .. *haan ji*
    this is the reason why I dont review …I am lazy to try all options 😛 😛

    1. *thankyou* !
      Haha!! I like reviewing because I just need to share a product with others, and I can’t do that with my friends 😛

  2. Good Job Triya! Nicely detailed review!

    I have ditto skin but with GREAT tendency to breakout, especially chin…wondering if i should/shouldnt try this! HMMMMMmmmmmmmm…

    1. I have had pimples on chin only when I did….I hate it. Have you found anything that works?

      You should try this if your sweat glands aren’t overactive as mine 😛

      And *thankyou* KK!!

  3. awesome Triya. Thanks for this review. I share the same views regarding lifting spirits 🙂 I feel same too after joining IMBB. I met such great friends here and I learn so much from each one of you 🙂

  4. woww thankks for the skin is very similar to yours… and 4-5 hrs with out oil is like heaven for me .. will def look in to this .. *happydance*

  5. very well written review Triya *jai ho* …I have never tried a primer as I do not apply any foundation on my skin *headbang* ..just a little BB cream now and then *preen* ….I like the way u have put in so much effort to give us the exact of the product….

    1. Thank you Anuradha!!
      I wanted to give a detailed review because it will be good before people spend so much money on their own 🙂

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