Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack Review

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A foot pack for deep hydration is a perfect product for winters. This is my first foot pack and I was really excited to use it. I have very dry skin but I don’t have cracked heels. Let’s get started with the review!

Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack Review1

Price: £0.90 for 1 treatment

Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack Review6

What Does It Claim?
Argan oil intensive treatment boots are enriched with Argan oil and shea butter to penetrate deep into the skin to reduce callus build-up and help repair and soften cracked, split heels.

Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack Review-ingredient list

How to Use:
*No need to wash feet after using the boots!
1. Thoroughly wash and dry feet.
2. Take out and unfold the boots and wear the boots on your feet.
3. Remove the boots after 15-20 minutes.

Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack Review4

Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack Review5

There is nothing much to say about it. The foot pack comes in a chocolate brown color plastic package. The simple design and chocolate color look appealing to eyes. All the information is printed on the back.

My Experience with Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack:

After I opened the packet, a pair of white color jumbo size boots was waiting for me. I unfolded the pair and wore them like socks on my feet. The boots looked funny but it wasn’t at least slipping away. The outer part of the boot is of plastic material; therefore, in case of emergency you can also walk wearing these boots without any fear of spoiling your foot pack. The inside is layered with a paper which actually contains all the ingredients of foot pack.
The pack felt like I had wrapped semiwet towel on my foot. After just few minutes, the pack started feeling cold because it has menthol. So, you can even use this pack in summers.

Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack Reviewboot

It is mentioned on the package to keep the pack for 20 minutes but I had fallen asleep wearing these and woke up after 2 hours. I kept it for longer time than required. I could feel it cold and wet even after 2 hours. I removed the pack from my foot. I could see white lotion kind of thing on my one foot. It had a non sticky gel-like texture. I massaged the cream until it was completely absorbed and wore socks to lock the moisture further.
I removed my socks again after 5 hours and I must say that I could really see the difference. My skin was DEEPLY moisturized and felt soft. My foot looked like I’ve done pedicure. You would just need to work on your nails.
The foot pack has a mild aroma which I cannot explain. May be it was of argan oil. The fragrance lingers for a long time even after you remove the pack. In fact, I would say that it will stay for 1 day until you wash your feet.
I would suggest using this pack at night before going to bed or wearing clean cotton socks immediately after removing the pack, if possible. I used this pack 3 days back and since that day I do not feel the need to apply foot cream. Though I wouldn’t suggest you to skip daily foot regime, I did it for review and because I was feeling lazy.

Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack Review7

Pros of Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack:

• Affordable.
• Easy to use.
• Hydrate DEEPLY.
• Feet look healthy. Even if you don’t have cracked heels or damaged skin, you can see the difference after using this pack.
• Get quick pedicure at home (exfoliate the skin before applying this pack for getting pedicure like treatment).
• Mild fragrance which lingers for long time.
• You can move around wearing these boots in case of emergency.
• It has menthol. The foot pack feels cold and its nonsticky gel-like texture makes it perfect for summers as well.
• Jumbo size boots will easily fit all.

Cons of Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack:

• Contain parabens.
• Not cruelty free.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Argan Oil Deep Moisturizing Foot Pack?
I am superhappy with this pack. Please give it a try at least once and I am definitely going to buy this every month for hydration and to get pedicure at home.

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