Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack Review: Oily Skin and Open Pores

Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack: Oily Skin and Open Pores

I had purchased this one even before my Lotus Detan face pack, but never got around to using it, since I loved the results of the Lotus pack so much. Now, as the Lotus one was almost over, I figured it was time to try out this one before going for a repurchase.

Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel pack

Claims: An intensive exfoliating pack. The natural enzymes stimulate circulation, oxygenate the skin and draw out harmful toxins. Also removes dead cells, black and whiteheads, cleans open pores and accelerates new cell production.

Active Ingredients: Lemon Apple Yeast, AHA, Lactic and Malic Acids, Pepin, Bromalin and Natural enzymes.

  • Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. It not only cleanses but also helps in lightening and keeping skin healthy.
  • Apples contain sugar, tannin and organic acids hence making them effective in softening and renewing the skin.
  • Malic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid), also found in apples provides nutrition to the skin and is beneficial for sensitive skin.
  • Yeast cleanses, nourishes, tightens and tones the skin.
  • Lactic acid is again an alpha hydroxy acid which lightens and rejuvenates the skin.

I couldn’t find much useful information on pepin and bromalin for skin care. Please enlighten me if you have any knowledge of these.

For All Skin Types: This one is a bit confusing as in the front of the pack it says, “Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack, Oily Skin and Open Pores :-/

Directions to Use as on pack: Mix 1/4tsp pack with water or Aromatic Skin Toner. For pigmented and ageing skin mix with aroma magic fairy lotion. Make a paste apply onto face and allow to dry. Remove after 20 minutes.

Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel PackFirst impression about Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack: The packaging seems tacky, a flimsy plastic tub stuffed with with six small plastic pouches full of a creamish- beigish powder. Do not understand the purpose of these smaller packets as the package instructs us to use only ¼ tsp at a time.

Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack

As I emptied one pack into a bowl and added water to the powder, there was some foaming, probably due to the yeast. The consistency was like that of idly batter. Couldn’t think of a better comparison. It even expanded like fermented batter, probably due to the yeast in it. The smell, well..smelt like milk, spoilt milk rather, with a hint of some strange lemony sour odor. Did not smell pleasant to me! Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this an Aroma Magic product!! Going by the name, this is supposed to smell good!! Damn !!

This made me doubt if I had purchased an expired product and I double checked the DOM. Nope, not expired. What with all the smell and foaming, I contemplated whether I should really be putting this on my face. But since the patch test I had done a few nights back hadn’t caused any reaction, I went ahead with it. (I have combination to dry skin which is also very sensitive skin and always like to do a patch test before trying a new product on my face).

The pack feels warm on when applied on the face. The consistency is grainy, somewhat like besan mixed with milk. As it dries, it has a tightening effect on the skin. It is not very moisturizing but then it is not supposed to be as it is for oily skin (as mentioned on pack).

Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack

Results after one use of Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack: Even as the pack was half dried, my skin felt dry and stretched. I definitely need moisturizer after this. Skin looked brighter and refreshed though, and definitely felt smoother. The open pores I have on my nose were visibly smaller. I do not have blackheads, but many of my whiteheads, if not all seemed to be gone. This was enough to make me ignore the smell and continue to use this face pack. Offensive as it was the first time, I soon got used to the smell and now it smells to me like condensed milk!! As I continued to use this pack regularly, about twice a week, I realized that this little gem delivers most of what it promises.

After the pack dries I wet it once again and massage gently in circular motion. Due to its grainy texture this gives me a gentle scrub as well, making my skin smoother. This pack leaves my face squeaky clean, without a trace of oil or dirt. It rids the face of dead skin cells leaving it smoother. Flakiness around chin and nose was gone. Skin felt refreshed and tighter looking. The freshness lasts almost the whole day which is more than I can say for most face packs. It effectively removes whiteheads or blackheads whatever you may have. Over time and with regular use my pores have now shrunk considerably.

What I love most about Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack..

  • The ingredients are all natural and I need not worry about any harmful effects to my skin.
  • No rashes or reactions on my skin.
  • It is decently priced.
  • Grainy texture. Can be used as a facial scrub as well.
  • Leaves skin softer, smoother and brighter. Over time this pack improves your skin tone making it more and more even.
  • Removes dead skin. Also effective for stubborn dead cells in the corners of nose and chin.
  • Most of my whiteheads are gone and regular usage makes sure they don’t come back.
  • Pores looks visible smaller
  • Freshness lasts all day

Cons about Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack:

  • Smell for me was not pleasant and takes away from the feeling of relaxation since I am waiting for the pack to dry so I can wash it off.
  • Skin feels dry and stretchy. Have to use some moisturizer which I generally don’t prefer after a refreshing face pack. I prefer to use a facial mist or some rose water.
  • Instructions on pack will leave you confused as to which skin type this pack is for.
  • Pores return to their original size within a day. Since this dries out my skin, I only use it twice a week.
  • May not be effective when used only occasionally.
  • Packaging is in bad taste.

Now, since the packaging may confuse you about the skin types which can use this pack, I would like to add some thoughts here. This pack leaves your skin a bit dry and stretchy. I would therefore suggest that those with combination skin which leans more towards dryness, you could use this pack only on your T-Zone or on those areas which have too many blackheads, whiteheads or open pores. This way, you would get the benefits of this pack without excessively drying your dry areas.

Final thoughts on this one would be that although many of us may dismiss this product because of the tacky packaging, my suggestion would be that you give this product it a try at least once especially if you have oily skin with open pores and blackheads. The benefits of this pack when used regularly would far outweigh the shoddy packaging.

Moral of the story: Never judge a book by its cover 🙂

Price: Rs 180 (Indian Rupees) for 35 gms. I would definitely buy this one again.
Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: 4


27 thoughts on “Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack Review: Oily Skin and Open Pores

  1. pepin (derived from Papaya) and bromalin (from Pineapple) are protein dissolving enzymes – they help to remove dead skin cells. Act as natural exfoliators and skin brighteners. Hope this helps 🙂

    The review is good, though I am very. errrr, reluctant to use anything that has yeast on my face.. (having done microbio for 5 years – I cannot imagine doing this).. but glad it worked out for u 🙂

    Actually this ties in with an old home remedy – for spotty skin apply idli batter for 10 mins and then wash off – do twice a week. 🙂

  2. Tanveer thanks for the info on pepin and bromalin 🙂 i had also read somewhere that dosa batter is good for removing sun tan as well

    yes I too was apprehensive about yeast initailly but don’t mind it now since it’s working well for me..

    Rati the trembling smiley is too cute !! 🙂

  3. smita,

    Interesting review, dear! Ingredient part is interesting, as well! Only bothering, YEAST! Yet to try Aroma range of products! Whats with the teeny bags? LOL liked the comparision 🙂 Spoilt milk? that too lemony? YUCK….I cant buy this however magical it might be…this product is definitely a misnomer 🙂 LOL

    for a minute, i thought there was one idli in the bowl 🙂 good thing you got immune to the scent!

    Best part of the review: MOral of the story ROFL

    Dosa batter removes sun tan? I can imagine wat we people are going to use in the near future 🙂

    1. Divija!! you have some imagination! the other day cotton balls dipped in chilli and now one idli in the bowl!! :rotfl:

  4. Hi Smita,

    I have oily skin and I face a lot of problem wth open pores and black heads. I will surely try this. I don’t have problem with yeast and smell as long as my skin is taken care of. :giggle: :giggle:

  5. Smita, I found out about this peel from aroma magic team today. It is one of their best seller for people with oily skin . They also have lotion in this range for pople who have very sensitive skin. 🙂

    Great review you have done.

    1. Oh wow! that’s nice to know dear :-)) Guess I should try the lotion since I do have sensitive skin. Does this lotion help with open pores and whiteheads too?? what is it called??

  6. Hi Samnatha,

    I feel the same. The smell and yeast put me off too in the beginning…but if it gives good results who cares!! :-))

  7. Sooo glad this is for oily skin.. I have got in a habit of buying everything that is reviewed here… :blush: :blush:
    It is totally getting out of hand… :-(( :-((
    I can totally skip this.. Yay!!! 😀

  8. 😀 need not feel guilty even if you buy this coz it won’t leave a deep hole in your pocket…but u gotta be careful with brands like MAC and TBS 😉

  9. Smitha, my skin always gives good reaction to papaya…good that this one has that……..this is the one for me and the price seems reasonable too….. :yes: :yes:

  10. Jomol ….I think papaya extract would be the reason this pack leaves a nice glow on the face…do try and let me know 🙂

    Poornima..Aroma Magic Products have really surprised me when it come to price and delivering what they promise. I am going to explore this brand more and more now….do let me know your suggestions for other products you have tried…:)

  11. Just wanted to comment that just because a product uses natural products does not mean it’s harm-free. I am surprised you’d say this for a pack that contains citric acid from lemons or strong AHAs from milk and apples. AHAs can severely exfoliate the skin; in fact, in heavy concentrated forms, they burn the skin and are only used in doctor’s offices so that skin can heal and build up a new layer after destruction of top layers by the AHA acids. The product also contains malic acid, another form of AHA. Don’t forget, AHAs may work wonders but you should take caution and always follow up with sunscreen. Some of the strongest and most toxic acids are derived from all natural sources! Anyways, right now, I’m contemplating if I should buy their serums. The official website hardly contains any information, and you are right, almost every product misleads/does not represent the correct skin type. Lack of a full ingredient list makes you wonder if you’d break out or have a severe reaction from the product due to some unmentioned ingredient…oh well…

  12. Hey, very nice and detailed review…..i loved your descriptions on the feel and texture – it gives you such a good idea about the product. I have been wondering about this brand for a while, but yeah now that i have seen the packaging and heard about it – fermented idli batter…hmm…..dont feel brave enough to try it…

  13. I tried this product(Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Pack) and it is waste of money :spank: does nothing for the pores…

    for blackheads i am using clean clear blackhead removing daily scrub . It was really good as per directions use for 3 days and you will see blackheads/whiteheads disappear… :bravo:

    havn’t found very effective treatment for pores … have heard tonners are good.. i am using Neutrogena alchohol free tonner .

    Also have heard Witch hazel is good havn’t tried one yet .. have some1 tried please let share your experience.

    Nidhi :thanks:

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