Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream Review

Hi girls,

I was very happy last month when I spotted a cute kiosk of Aroma Magic in a small mall in the town. The packaging of Aroma Magic is now so attractive that I ended up buying 5-6 products. The person on the counter was nice enough to give me many samples of face washes and creams as well. This eye cream looked like a new launch, and I was more than happy to buy it as my Estee lauder one is on its last legs. Read on for more details on Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream.

Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream Review
Price: INR 195

My Experience with Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream:

This is not similar to the almond eye cream that Aroma Magic previously made I believe. This cream is very nourishing and very moisturising. It smells faintly herbal but nothing bothersome. I love the floral packaging and how big the tube looks. It comes in a simple nozzle form and is easy to use. It might take as much storage as your sunscreen perhaps but I am very fond of the packaging.

Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream ingredients

The cream is supple, moist, with the right balance of oil and water. I love how light it feels, never too oily but still moist enough to moisturise the eye area. I don’t have wrinkles or dryness around the eye, but still with age, I use an eye cream daily.

Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream cap

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I could use it under a thick concealer but since I have oily eye lids, I skip this step, but if you feel your concealer is not blending well, this can do the trick. It will also safeguard the skin around your eyes from any harmful effects of makeup by forming a protective layer.

Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream swatch

Overall, this cream works very well to nourish and moisturise the delicate eye skin area, but I don’t think you can can count on it for removing dark circles or wrinkles. This can be a nice moisturising eye cream to maintain supple skin. It stays on wonderfully as a night eye cream on me and feels light during the day as well. I like to give a little massage with the ring finger when I apply this cream.

Pros of Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream:

  • Right balance of moisture.
  • Can be used under makeup.
  • Pretty packaging.
  • Keeps skin around the eye hydrated.
  • Affordable price.

Cons of Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream:

  • Not heavy enough for ageing skin.
  • Will not be effective to treat very dark circles or wrinkles.
  • Some people may find the packaging bulky.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream?
If you are young and want a maintenance eye cream, this is great. But this is not an answer for ageing skin and wrinkles around the eyes.
IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

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