VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under Eye Cream Review

VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under Eye Cream

Hello Everyone,

In today’s life when we stay glued to our gadgets till late night and most of us are turning into night owls dark circles are a common worry. For me particularly I got concerned about my skin around eyes sometime last year, when while seeing the mirror I suddenly noticed that my mild dark circles are getting darker. That was like a wakeup call for me and I ordered the Aroma magic Almond under eye cream very next day. And now after using it for 1 year, I saw the difference in dark circles. But I was bored of using the same cream from so long so I thought of trying my hands on something else. As I said now my dark circles have faded and only the inner corner of eyes has bit darker skin then the rest of the face. To my luck I do not have the problem of puffiness but I stared seeing fine lines around eyes recently and that is bothering me a lot now. So I wanted an eye cream which not just removes dark circles but one which nourishes the skin too. Read on to find how the VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under Eye Cream worked for me.


Price: INR175 for

What Product Claims and Ingredients:


My Experience with VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under Eye Cream:

As I said I have mild dark circles and fine lines around eye is the main concern for me, so these are the two parameters I judged this cream on. VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under eye cream looks thick in the jar but as soon as it’s applied on skin it spreads very well and gets absorbed in skin quickly unlike aroma magic almond eye cream, it is also not as greasy/oily like Aroma magic one. It can easily be worn under concealer,I have tried it that way too and it passed that test. I am using it from 3 weeks and I can say that skin around eye is more nourished and the fine lines have visibly reduced too (Visible reduction is not complete elimination, mind you 😉 ). On the dark circles I have not noticed a lot of difference, as I have mind circles only so may be the reduction is very minor and not very noticeable for me. I use it every morning and night on clean face. On mornings I use the concealer or foundation on top of it but at night I apply little more in amount and get up next morning with supple skin around eyes.


VLCC Skin defence Almond under eye cream comes in a small glass gar, which is easy to carry around but as we all know jar packaging is not hygienic it has a pleasant but strong fragrance in it which stays for some time.

Pros of VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under Eye Cream:

• Light weight formula, which moisturizes the delicate skin around eyes very well.
• Visibly reduces fine lines around eyes.
• Reduces dark circles.
• Can be worn under concealer.


• Not oily /greasy, does not break out.
• Easy to carry around.
• Does not sting if goes inside eyes.
• Not tested on animals, recyclable packaging and 100% veg product.

Cons of VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under Eye Cream:

• Jar packaging not very hygienic.

Final verdict on VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under Eye Cream:

If you are looking for a light weight eye cream which gives result then this is the answer for you. But if you need instant lighting kind of effect then this is not the product for you.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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12 thoughts on “VLCC Skin Defence Almond Under Eye Cream Review

  1. Nice review. Wanted to ask, whats your skin type-oily? Combi or dry?

    Mine z acne prone… will it break me out? Certain eye creams cause me super breakouts! *cry*

  2. I m glad it worked out for u sweta *hifive* u know this was the first eye cream I tried.. about 3 yrs back.. it was such a failure for me that I had to throw it *cry* n u know if u keep it unused for a few months the water n the white greasy part seperate *smack*

  3. I am yet to try this one *drool* *drool* and the almond thing attracts me a lot *happy dance* i have soo many eye creams to finish *headbang*

  4. This eye cream does not work for dark circles. My SIL has very prominent dark circles and it did absolutely nothing for her. She finished the whole jar and no change at all. Not even a bit. She is still young so fine lines aren’t a problem for her.

    1. Hi Preeti,
      I have mild dark circles and it worked on them.

      However Dark circles can come due to various reasons, it can be cause of bad health, sleeping habits or can be genetically also. if theses kind of cosmetic creams are not working its good to consult a doctor, just a suggestion.

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