Aroma Magic Glossy Pack for Pigmented Skin Review

Aroma Magic Glossy Pack for Pigmented Skin

Hello IMBB Sweeties! :jiggy1:

Some of you wanted a review on Aroma Magic Glossy pack for pigmented skin, so am reviewing it now for all of you to decide better.Previously owing to my carelessness of not applying sunscreen while going out in the sun, I suffered from uneven skin tone and pigmented skin .These days by religiouly following tips and and certain products like Lotus White Glow range mentioned on IMBB, I have solved the uneven skin tone problem to great extent . :yahoo:

Aroma Magic Glossy Pack for Pigmented Skin

Price- Rs 215 for 50 gms, I got this for Rs 197 after discount and Rs 130 for 25 gms.

What the Company Says:
Enriched with pure essential oils and herbal extracts that lightens pigmentation and dark circles around eyes, acne scars & skin tone. Also helps to brighten dark and sallow complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

how to use a pigmentation pack


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This is how it looks like, the content is going to finish very soon.

glossy pack
My Experience:
I have used innumerable products for getting even skin tone and treating pigmented skin. I don’t remember how many home made tips I have followed for treating my pigmented skin. :shocked: Three months back, I visited a store and asked for a face pack for pigmented skin. The SA showed me this glossy pack and insisted me to use once to see the difference. When I saw the pack is particularly formulated to treat pigmented skin, without any second thought I bought it. This is a great pack which could be used on eyes without irritating them. When I used it, I saw lightening of dark circles instantly and my complexion was more even. It gives a clear complexion with repeated use. I am satisfied with this product. Just would have been great, if it was not this pricy.

Pros of Aroma Magic Glossy Pack for Pigmented Skin

-Contains essential oils and several rare essential ingredients.
-This face pack doesn’t irritate my eyes or skin.
-It doesn’t over dry my skin like other face packs.
-Evens out my complexion with sustained use. :preen:
-Lightens my dark circles instantly. :makeup:
-Small tub in 25 Gms also available. So one can use that and see, if this product works for you.
-I am satisfied with the quality that I get for the price.
-The pack doesn’t have any kind of overpowering fragrance.
-One can use it every alternate day without any harsh effect.
-I can use it both during summer and winter.

Cons of Aroma Magic Glossy Pack for Pigmented Skin

-It’s quite pricy for 50 gms of the product.
-One has to use it regularly to avail maximum benefit. I use it on alternate days.
-Once you stop using this product, you will come back to what you had earlier.
-Only list of active ingredients mentioned.

Rating: 3.5

Will I repurchase it?
:nonono: No, I am currently using Biotique Pistachio pack and liking it a lot.

Overall Recommendation:
Buy the small tub and see, if this works for you.
:thanks: :puchhi:

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87 thoughts on “Aroma Magic Glossy Pack for Pigmented Skin Review

  1. yeah it gets quite irritating that the skin goes back to the normal self once you stop using a particular product. 🙁 bt it has so many pros taps, i really want to give it a try. thankiess for the review. :puchhi:

    1. Yaaa lots many pros, I agree Rati, but after two days when again I see dull face in my mirror me get angry, ki whyyy on earth I cant get flawless skin like others ! :scream:

    1. Yesss Shaili it really works, its been a over a month me using, and even if someday I skip using lotus whiteglow my face doesnt become uneven and all, its still even, I use microemulsion and then gel cream, it really works for me !!But dont use much quantity or else you will look like ghosts of Grudge movie 😆

      1. do u use gel cream+microemulsion twice a day?
        i ll soon lay my hands on it
        n duhh..grudge ka bhoot b koi bhoot tha..dat damn paranormal activity didnt let me sleep for a week n dat too widout havin a bhoot in it 🙂 :vampire:
        u lookin so good in this dp Taps 🙂 :-*

        1. Thanks Shaili :thanks: Me use it twice on face yess, its a good product, but I found all grudge movies so cartoon, mujhe to movie dekhte dekhte hasi aa rehi thi ! 😀

            1. Me have watched so much horror movies and serials ki mujhe aur dar nahi lagta 😀 I used to watch Aahat ghost serial he na on sony when I was in class 3, and zee horror show when class4, so mujhe horror movies bahut funny lagte hein, exorcist was also ok ok god knows why so much prpaganda about that!

            2. even i get so scared..but my bros..they cant watch any horror flick widout me so dat later on they can scare me wid ajeeb ajeeb harkatein..i swear paranormal activity n shutter toh got stuck in my mind for days :hypnotized:

  2. I am surely gonna try this as I too have pigmentation problem :(( will try the small one to check if it suits my oily/combi skin… :thanks: for the review Tapaswini

    1. :thanks: Yess yess try the small one, thats a wise decision, me so lalchi na :tongue: always go for bigger things !!

  3. I have been wanting to get this one but was waiting for some one to review it :shying:
    I am definitely getting it now . Thanks for the review Tapaswini :high5: :high5: :high5:

  4. why don’t you people simply use cucumber juice for pigmentation.. ?:) ?:) .it works.. gives result in 1 week and result does not fade away… :makeup: :makeup: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

    1. Sweety, me have used cucumber innumerable times, good for dark circles but didnt solve my pigmentation problem, me also use cucumber toner with cucumber juice, but effect stays for 3-4 hours !

  5. :(( sorry if it doesn’t work for you…but it worked for me perfectly.. I’ve made a mixture of cucumber, mausmi, and 1 lemon.. it worked for me.. may be its because I’ve light pigmentation and staying at home right now :methinks: :methinks: :methinks:

    1. Hey no sorry dear, its not your fault ki it doesnot solve my pigmentation probs, some tips work for some but not for others , hey na?

  6. this face pack goes on eyes too??? thats a 1st..!! but wht if it dries on eyes? that wont b too good for the eye area na… ?:) ?:) ?:)

    1. Itss not drying sort of pack very moisturising and it doesnt irritate even 1% my eyes, its given in instructions also to use it on eyes

  7. My very sorry to all of you but I didnt include the picture showing instructions, me forgot to click the pic, it is mentioned to use aroma magic under eye gel on eyes and then apply the whole pack on face and neck including eyes!

  8. Hey Taps..nice review … I have a question..I know it is a face pack…but can it be applied on arm/legs??? I have so much pigmentation due to insect bites/rashes/tan…will this product work on that too??

    1. I dont know actually, its a damn costly pack, you would be using on arms and legs??????well it will finish very soon, I will suggest follow some home made tips to treat pigmentation problems than this !

        1. Pooja , it worked effectively on uneven skin tone and very light pigmentation, if you have very highly pigmented area, it wont work, I think.You massage aloe vera gel from patanjali on that,might work!

    1. Ya effective but me would rate Biotique pistachio pack more than this,really works, wonderful pack, try that!! :)) Ankita do reply to my recent comments at your blog ok?

      1. Ohhh…I have the Pistachio pack…haven’t used it since some time..does it sting your skin when u apply it? It stings mine though it stops after 3-4 min of application.

        1. Yesss yess it stings thats because it contains orange peel extracts ! It did suit me a lot!You liked it?

  9. Hey Taps-you know me too bought an aroma magic pack-don remember which one it is-but it did nothing 🙁 🙁 I am a great fan of Biotique-and all of them has so far worked for me!!! And how is the pistachio pack?? is it suitable for oily to combi skin??

    1. Pistachio pack of Biotique is wonderful!!Its for all skin types, yess it would suit you, just wash it off with luke warm water.

  10. helo frnds,
    ive tried ol sorts of home remedies to my pigmented skin..i’m a dark person..but ma arms r very dark(coz of sun) that it makes a feel dat d two arms r fitted to another person of a diff skin color..i used lotus spf 50..used numerous sunscreens…NO skin is dry…
    i hate to be in front of any1 .coz i’m dark…having a g8 headache over dat..

    1. Sorry you hate to be infront of anyone, just because you are dark??? Why do you care so much, arent there more dark people than you?? Please dodnt think soo much about it, even I have darker comparative to my face, my height is short too, so should I stop going infront of others?? Never dear, just follow some tips mentioned in the site, use haldi on arms during sundays, all would be fine ! :puchhi:

      1. Tapaswini ,
        thank u dear :puchhi: .ppl esp ma mom,relatives used to tease me dat i’m dark.they hav even told me dat i won’t get a gud groom if i don’t study coz i’m not fair..if ur parents and relatives tel den u wud feel terrible dat’s y…

  11. Me want to give this a try Taps…..Even though that means sticking to it all the time!! 😛 ..That too if it works for me!! Thanks for the review :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  12. any idea where one gets Blossom Kochar Aroma Magic in Hyderabad? i hunted in health & Glow and New You..not available there

  13. It’s after gaining knowledge abt various products I have observed the slight pigmentation that started
    I want to try the Lotus White Glow Range 🙂 Hope it works for me
    Also I have read Lakme Perfect Radiance cream is good
    Hmm Hmmm
    Will have to try dese products and get even skin tone nw
    Gr8 Taps 🙂 I like ur reviews and the prompt replies u give fr our queries :thumbsup:

    1. thats true..she and the others are very prompt with the responses..i have added 4 things to my shopping list now

      aroma magic eye gel
      arma magic face pack for pigmented skin
      kabuki brush
      tinted moisturizer

      1. Thanks Aruna :thanks: You can try the aroma magic under eye cream too, as its non sticky and before going to office you wont like that sticky feeling on eyes na so cream would be perfect! You going to buy Kabuki brush from which brand, me also need to buy.

    2. Hi dear, thanks a lot for liking it !! Lakme products specially creams and lotion never suits me, so me cant tell you about Lakme perfect radiance, but Yes lotus one is wonderful! me going to buy another soon as mine is going to finish na!

  14. Hey Aruna I have d same question but I remember reading that they are available in Kathiawar Stores in MG Road and in Abids – I haven’t checked them personally though

    1. ah yes..i forgot abt kathiawar. from gachibowli its a pain to go so far 🙁 hoping I get it somewhere closer. when i was in masab tank i used to go there (& general bazaar) quite often.

  15. NICE REVIEW TAPS… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: BUT I LIKE BIOTIC FRUIT PACK MOST …NEITHER ANY OF THIER PACK TRIED YET..BCS ME HAPPY HAPPY WITH THAT :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :preen: :preen:

    1. Thanks a lot!!! Biotique fruit pack me also wanted to try but not yet bought it, as I have to finish other packs too!

  16. Taps can u tell me what the biotique Pistachio pack did to ur pigmentation, bcoz i bought the aroma pack and after using for a week, i felt like it had darkened my pigmentation. I am not sure whether its due to some other reasons. The sad thing is i bought the 50g pack wth lots of hope :yuck:

    1. Really?? Dont mind, but you r are the first one with such experience after using the aroma pack, the pistachio when applied has a tingling sensation !! That pack removes tan easily and brightens my face, even brightens hyper pigmented ares, doesnt entirely solve the pigmentation problem though!

  17. am in love with am products :thumbsup: ..they really really wrk great on my skin ..but want to add smthing :present: :present: …got a chocolate face pack ecently from am…n its working great for my dry skin….its a cream based product,instantly it puts a glow on ur face and moisturises to sm extent :preen: :preen: :happydance: :happydance: … just want to know how often should i use this product?? ne help? :thanks: :-* :-* :-*

  18. Hi, does the pigmentation also come back once you stop using this pack? Also, the biotique face pack that you’d mentioned, is it for pigmentation too?

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