AromaMagic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo-Review

AromaMagic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo-Review

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We all know how we have been desperately trying to get our hands on the holy grail of shampoo that will be just ‘the one’ for our hair. And due to the winter dryness, I am even more desparate. I’m just jumping around from one brand to another. And to bust a myth, as widely known that using too many different shampoos of different types are harmful for hair, it is not true. As hair is nothing but dead cells, hence it doesn’t really matter what shampoo you use, and the frequency with which you switch brands, it all depends on the hair quality and it’s degree of compatibility of your hair with the shampoo you’re using.

Aromamagic aloe vera cream shampoo

Ok, enough gyaan, now let me circle back to the main topic. Recently, I bought a shampoo from Blossom Kochhar AromaMagic,it’s the first shampoo I’m using from this brand, and also my first cream shampoo. I have read the Aromamagic Triphala Shampoo review here on IMBB and wanted to get one for myself. However, the same wasn’t available so I bought the “Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo”, instead.

Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo Pack

This shampoo comes in a white tube, with red flip- open cap. The color of the cream is mostly white with a hint of green, the consistency is very thick, cream like, completely different from any other shampoo, not at all runny. In addition, it has a wonderful herbal scent, which is very soothing.

Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo LId

Product description:

“A Natural Creamy Shampoo Without Harsh Chemicals. Ideal For Dry, Chemically Treated And Colored Hair. Moisturizes While It Cleanses To Leave Dry And Rough Hair Shiny, Soft, And Manageable.”
Directions To Use:

Wet hair, apply shampoo & work up lather, rinse off. Repeat if necessary .follow up with aroma magic protein hair conditioner .apply a few drops of aroma magic stimulate oil to a tsp of water onto scalp to promote hair growth.


INR 90




Extracts Of Aloevera, Amla, Green Apple, Carrot, Jojoba, & Pure Essential Oils Of Carrot Seed And Rosemary.

Shelf life :

2 years

My experience with AromaMagic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo:

It’s a wonderful product to use. It’s so gentle on the hair, you can use it every second day without having to worry about chemicals in the shampoo, as the chemical content is almost negligible,. It left my hair soft and manageable. It has reduced hairfall visibly. It’s highly recommended for those who lose more hair than normal during hair wash. And the fragrance makes it all the more appealing. Let me tell you that it doesn’t lather up like other shampoos, that’s another sign that it contains  much less chemicals. If used without the conditioner, it might make your hair dry ,but not that dry , it still would be good enough to make you happy. But while trying to wash off oil from the hair it takes two –three washes, but that’s the same story with any other shampoo. In a nutshell, I am extremely happy with what the product has offered so far.

Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo Directions



Pros of AromaMagic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo:

• Inexpensive
• Widely available
• Herbal shampoo
• Negligible chemical content
• Makes hair soft
• Reduces hairfall
• Cleans out hair
• Has the goodness of aloevera and amla
• Perfect to use as hairfall defense
• Can be used every other day,very gentle to the hair
• Not tested on animals.

Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo Swatch



Cons of AromaMagic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo:

• Doesn’t lather (can’t think of any other cons)

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase/recommend AromaMagic Aloe Vera Cream Shampoo?

A big YES to both the questions!!

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  1. ohh the myth abt changing shampoos is harmfull for hair..i m fed up of hearing mom keeps advising me and scraes me tellin i will end up with greys verysoon.. 😛
    and a cream shamppo, i have not to check it..

  2. I am a huge fan of BK products..Thanks for sharing the product info and review here..I am loving this blog more and more..Just hoping this shampoo is easily available.. 🙂

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