Audrey’s Cuticle Pusher & Trimmer

Audrey’s Cuticle Pusher & Trimmer

I been caring for my hands, nails and feet for quite some time now…even though I have cared always but I didn’t put any extra effort. The saying come true ‘what you do is what you get’ and I realised it a little late before the damage was irreversible. All these years I didn’t see any drastic issues in my skin but they were not at its best as there were regular hangnails, nail breakage, ugly cuticles and then as I started to look for solutions I discovered the need to buy specific products for the specific needs and here I am with another review for a nail care product. I hope I would be able to inspire you as you all have inspired me in your special ways

Audrey's Cuticle Pusher & Trimmer

About Audrey’s:

Audrey cosmetics produces rich quality private label skin care and cosmetics. The brand is renowned for its innovative and advanced service,its scientifically developed product range is widely used by well-known make-up artists, salons, aestheticians, professional beauty schools, dermatologists and large and small clients.Audrey cosmetics’ range is made up of mineral and regular formulas. Its product line up incorporates blush, brushes, concealer, eye shadows, mineral eye shadow, primer, mineral powder and various treatment kits. It has a special skin treatment regimen to cure acne and skin problems, moreover its hyperpigmentation regimen is designed to cure the problem of pigmentation

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Product Description:

Cuticle trimmer is used to trim off dead cells at the cuticles all around the nail.This cuticle trimmer keeps your nails and cuticles looking at their absolute best. The metal -V edge neatly trims the dead cuticle around the nails. The soft touch handle ensures a comfortable grip and prevents sliding during use.

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INR 50 for single unit.

My Experience with Audrey’s Cuticle Pusher & Trimmer:

I have used another similar cuticle trimmer and pusher from Avon years back and I still have it but as an avid online shopper I got this just to add a few more products to qualify for free shipping *hihi* *P* I feel it’s better to have something instead of paying for the shipping.The cuticle trimmer and pusher is pretty affordable and of fairly good quality. It has a trimmer on one end on the other there is a rubber tipped cuticle pusher, I have been using it after soaking my fingernails in lukewarm water applying the Sally Hansen gel cuticle remover…I let it sit for 3-5 minutes and start applying gentle pressure with the rubber slanted end, till now it has never hurt me. Then coming to the cuticle trimmer…I generally never encourage anyone to use the trimmer as this causes infections and host of other nails problems, I use it once in a blue moon for slowly cutting off stubborn cuticles that do not go away with the cuticle removing gel. The cuticle pusher is itself effective enough for keeping gnarly cuticles at bay, but if it still does exist the trimmer does the final touches ( as a personal advice I would never suggest to trim or cut the cuticles as it can lead to dangerous nail infections) . I wash it off with soapy water after each use and wipe off with a tissue as I use this once in every two weeks. I make sure to apply a good moisturiser or cuticle oil (I use Jojoba oil) after each cleaning session because I feel they get dry after the usage of the gel and I have the habit of vigorously cleaning my nails with a nail brush post the cuticle gel ( I am paranoid about allergies and poisoning).

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Pros of Audrey’s Cuticle Pusher & Trimmer:

1. Very cheap and affordable.
2. Quality is good.
3. Does what it is supposed to do.

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Cons of Audrey’s Cuticle Pusher & Trimmer:

None at all.

IMBB rating:


Would I buy Audrey’s Cuticle Pusher &Trimmer again?

Yes, I would but this too would last me pretty long, owing to the meager price I paid I have been impressed by the quality…:)

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  1. When they use it in the salon! It scares the crap out of me! A accidently cut me while using this *pan* *pan*

    It is actually better to buy this and do it youself! *happy dance*

  2. I would love to buy this as a part of my nail care *happy dance* *happy dance* *pompom* thank you sooo much for sharing this *puchhi*

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