Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler Review

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler Review

Hi Girls,

I am here with the review of a real cute little thing, which was a gift from my friend on my birthday. It’s nothing but an eyelash curler. She knows I love makeup and that I own a lot of makeup tools except for a curler and she got this one for me. So, here is my review.


Product Description:

  • Ideal Compact Style for Travel.
  • Extra Spare Rubber.


Rs. 100

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler 2

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Directions To Use:

Use a magnifying mirror in order to place the curler evenly on lashes, gently pull the lever downwards. Do not pull lashes during curling.

Wondering about the lever and pull down action? Nothing to worry. I will show you how to curl with this cutie 🙂

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler 3

My Take on Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler:

The eye lash curler comes in a transparent plastic case, which can also be used as a pouch to hold this, but I threw it away. So, no pic of the packaging.  The curler is glossy looking, small and sturdy, which you can easily slip into your makeup pouch. There is a small lever like thing which you pull and press while you curl your lashes, its something like a nail cutter. There is a purple colored rubber band to hold your lashes soft without hurting.  Like I said, this is similar to nail cutter. Like how you clip your nails between the cutting edges and work on the lever, it is the same.

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler 4

First, bring the curler close to your lashes. Place your lashes like shown in the pic.  Press the lever down and hold the curler for at least 15-20 seconds and you are done.  You get to see nice curling effect to your lashes. Once curled, apply a coat of mascara and you are done.

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler 5

I did not find this curler to give the curl in one step. You may need to do this in parts. Curling lashes in the inner corners is difficult, but I don’t mind, really!

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler 6

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler 7

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler 8

Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler 7

What I Like about Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler:

  • Cute packaging, travel friendly, compact.
  • Curls lashes easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with a rubber band.
  • Available at a cheap price.
  • Easily available online.

What I Do Not Like about Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler:

  • Curling the inner corner seems little difficult.

Would I Recommend Basicare Mini Eye Lash Curler?


IMBB Rating:


I will definitely not compare this with the curlers from high-end brands, but this is a MUST have if you are new to using lash curlers and if you are really looking for products that doesn’t occupy space in your makeup pouch. This is good at doing the job of curling and is an easy-to-use product. So ladies, why wait? Grab this handbag companion, if you travel frequently.

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