Avon Peach Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Review

Avon Peach Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

A hand sanitizer or hand antiseptic is a supplement or alternative to hand washing with soap and water. These are available in the form of gel, foam, and liquid solutions. A person who uses hand sanitizer is also likely to show slower redevelopment of bacteria

Avon Peach Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

The only time I use a hand sanitizer is when I hold my sister-in-law’s baby (doctors advise this). At times when I eat out, I always feel the need to use a sanitizer, so when I saw Avon Hand gel, I decided to give it a try & here is my take on that. Aarthi had already done a post on Avon Frangipani hand gel.

Avon Peach Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

What does Avon Claim about this Hand Gel: Kills germs without water! Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. Proven to fight germs &tough dirt to keep your hands feeling clean & refreshed with a light fragrance. Natural Hand gels don’t dry up hands; instead help retain skin’s natural moisture making your hands feeling soft & smooth without a sticky residue.

How to use: Apply a generous amount to hands and rub into skin until dry. Use any time or place, as needed.


Price: Actual Price Rs.129 for 50ml, introductory price Rs.99.
My Experience: The Hand gel comes in simple tube with a flip cap which is very tight & I need to put some pressure to open it. The texture of the gel is little runny & colorless, once you put it onto your hands & rub it, you feel a cool sensation & the gel which seems to little sticky gets easily absorbed without making your dry. The fragrance is kind of fresh fruity & it appears little strong as soon as you take it in the hands but after rubbing, it fades away. Unlike the other hand gels available, this one doesn’t dry out the skin. The best part about hand sanitizers is you can use anywhere anytime to get rid of germs & bacteria.

Pros of the Avon Peach Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

• Doesn’t dry out the hands.
• Small enough to fit in the bag.
• Smells much better than regular alcohol smell hand sanitizers. Has a light scent which fades away in few seconds.
• Has a liquid gel like consistency which gets easily absorbed.
• Doesn’t make the hands sticky.
• Can be used to sanitize hands before doing makeup or removing cream from jars.
• Shell Life 3 years.
• Delivers what it claims.
• Reasonably priced.
• Available in 3 variants in India- Vanilla, Peach, Frangipani.

Cons of the Avon Peach Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

• I don’t like flip cap, it’s little tight! I need to apply some force to open it.
• If you happen to keep it upside down & open it, you end up having more amount of gel than required & this results in the product getting wasted because it dries fast.
• I wish it was in a see through tube so that I would get to know the quantity left before I run out of it someday.

Will I repurchase this? Yes, I will definitely get this next time on a discount.

Will I recommend this? Oh Yeah I will. Anybody can try this! Working women, you could use this to sanitize your computer keyboard and mouse, a friend of mine does that! 🙂

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  1. OMG uzma..i have ordered d very same AVON Peach hand sanitizer along with AVON foot care range.. :yahoo: :yahoo: waiting for my package to arrive :yahoo:

  2. ho uzma i was planing to review it 🙁 ……koi gal nai….. I second wat u said O:) ……me liking it

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