Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera- Review

Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera- Review

Hi everyone,

Northern India has started to feel the onset of winters. Early mornings and late nights are relatively colder here. With the advent of winters, body butters, moisturisers and cold creams are also making a come back in my make up routine. Today, I shall be reviewing a cream which most of us must have tried at some point of time in life; I am talking about Ayur Herbal Cold Cream. As a kid, I have seen my mom and my aunts using it. Let us see a detailed review of the same:
ayur herbals cold cream with aloe vera

Price/ Packaging/ Quantity:

INR 50 for 80 ml. It comes in a white plastic tub-type packaging with a blue coloured screw cap. The tub packaging no doubt is unhygienic but you may use a spatula to take out the cream. There is nothing fancy about the plastic tub, it is very basic. The top has an Ayur logo embossed on to it.

Product Claims:

Prevents ageing and dehydration of skin. Made from natural moisturizers  Extra rich formula for winter care. High concentration of natural moisturizers protect your skin against dryness, keeps it satin soft and increases the blood circulation.

ayur herbal cold cream

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Aqua, Paraffinum, Liquidum, Emulsifying Wax, Triethanolamine Slearate, aloe Vera Extract, Rose Extract, Cucumber extract, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, Silicon Oil, Vitamin E, Allantoin EDTA, Pheonoxyethanol Methyl paraben, propyl Paraben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Fragrance.

My take on Ayur Herbals Herbal Cold Cream with Aloe Vera:

Well this has been quite an oldest multi purpose cream around; it is a white cream which is thicker in consistency. It spreads easily on the body though it takes some time to get absorbed. If more quantity is used, it may feel heavy. I feel it is best suited for winters and for people who have dry skin. My legs and arms feel softer and there is no dryness whatsoever. The cream feels a little oily since it has ingredients like wax and silicon oil so I would not suggest it to be put on face , my sister did once and she looked a bit sticky after half an hour. Unless you have very dry skin avoid putting it on the face.
It has a pleasant fragrance which does not stay for too long, after half an hour or so, it vanishes completely. It is a budget cream which can actually be put to many uses, works fine as a body cream, also works good on dry elbows and knees and dry cracked and rough feet.

ayur herbal cold cream2

Pros of Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera:

• A budget cream for winters
• Keeps skin soft during winters
• Works alike on dry elbows, knees and rough feet.

Cons of Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera:

• Tub packaging is unhygienic.
• Can not be applied on face as it makes the facial skin oily.
• Contains parabens.
• If more quantity is applied, it feels heavy.
• Not recommended to be used during summers.

IMBB Rating:

3.75 out of 5

Will I repurchase/ recommend?

People staying at places where winters are harsh may give it a try once. I would like to try some other cream so I may not repurchase.


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13 thoughts on “Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera- Review

  1. This cream never made my skin oily though I have oily skin but I never dared to use it in day time ever as it bears the “cold cream” tag 😀 I use it at night, if I find it in my mom’s cupboard during winter 🙂

  2. I use this cream in winters and it never feels heavy on me . I have combination skin . This time i bought the green packaging one its soo good aswell . I do massage with it and then apply multani mitti pack and it really works very well for me .It gives nice glow and hydrates my skin and never breaks me out . In summers i put it as body cream and my skin feels super soft ….. love this …

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