BaByliss Foot Spa Massager Review

The Babyliss is a well-known brand for hair tools and accessories. When I saw that they also have a foot massager, I was excited to try it. This product is a well-made home foot spa. The model I have picked has an internal heating water heating system to keep the water in a comfortable temperature. This foot spa has 3 settings to choose from:

  • Massage only.
  • Heat and bubbles.
  • Heat, massage and bubbles.


INR 3995 (it was available at a discounted price, so I got it for INR 3036).
Product Description:
The BaByliss Foot Spa relieves stress and tension by bringing relief to tired, aching feet with a combination of massage, heat and bubbles.



  • 4 position switch with 3 settings: – vibration – heat and bubble – vibration, heat, bubbles.
  • Ergonomic base designed to comfortably fit the shape of your foot, with a central bubble release strip • 2 interchangeable pedicure attachments.
  • Translucent cover to protect water from splashing when the footbath is in use. Removable for easy cleaning.
  •  Easy grip lip on edge of foot bath for safe, firm grip when emptying / filling the foot bath.
  • The base of the foot bath is equipped with a system which slows the cooling of the water temperature. Please note that this is not designed to heat the water from cold.
  • Maximum water capacity: 3,5 litres when filled to the water fill level.
  • 6 feet (1,8 m) cord.

Instructions For Use:
1. Ensure the unit is in «off» position.
2. Place your foot bath on the floor, fill it with warm water and plug in. Never plug or unplug the appliance while your feet are in water.
3. Sit down on a chair and place your feet in the foot bath. Never stand in your foot bath.
4. Select the desired combination settings of bubbles, vibration and heat. Please note: The heat setting is designed to help maintain the temperature of warm water, not to heat water.
5. After use, turn to «off» position. Take your feet out of the unit and unplug before emptying water out of the rear of the unit.
6. Rinse the appliance with water or a mild detergent. Never submerge unit in water.


My Experience with BaByliss Foot Spa Massager:

This foot spa is a plastic tub like structure which is quite sturdy. The white and baby blue colour scheme makes is look very elegant. It has a  strip on the base through which bubbles are formed. There is also an attachment to scrub off the dead skin.



This Babyliss foot massager is very easy to use and relaxing. I like to add a mild body wash or shampoo into the warm water. The in-built foot guard helps to prevent water spillage. There is maximum fill indicator that makes it easier to know how much water you need.



I get soft and smooth feet with this foot spa. It is totally like getting a foot spa in the salons. The only thing I don’t like about this is the attachment, when you try to rub your feet over it, that get detached which is quite annoying. Otherwise, it is a perfect foot massager and spa to revive and pamper tired feet.


Pros of BaByliss Foot Spa Massager:

  • Designed perfectly, splash guard protects water from spilling.
  • The internal heating system keeps water water for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to use foot spa.

Cons of BaByliss Foot Spa Massager:

  • The attachment get detached when you try to rub your feet on it.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase BaByliss Foot Spa Massager?
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  1. Hi.. Nice review. Could you please tell, apart from the spa like feeling, was the machine effective in achieving desired pedicure-like results?

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