How To Make Foot Spa At Home

How To Make Foot Spa At Home

How To Make Foot Spa At Home

Getting a foot spa is a perfect way of indulging yourself. Have you ever thought of the tiring session your feet go through each day? Whether you walk (because it is a necessity in our day to day lives) or you show off those lovely pair of stilettos (because that is a necessity when it comes to your sense of fashion), it is your pair of feet that has to put up with all the demands! So, give your feet a special treatment and let them soak in a foot spa treatment at home!

How To Make a Regular Foot Spa at Home:  Steps

  • Soaking: Take some lukewarm water in a tub and add a few drops of essential oils. Soak your feet for about ten minutes.
  • Nail and cuticle care: After that, take a soft towel and pat your feet dry. Make sure that you do away with any accumulated dirt under toe nails and if your toe nails have grown too big, trim it off with a toe nail clipper. Push the cuticles back if you feel that is needed.
  • Exfoliation: Rub your heels and feet with pumice stone and follow up with an exfoliation session. You may use any readymade foot scrub or you may opt to prepare one at home!
  • Foot mask: For added pampering of your beautiful pair of feet, prepare a foot mask which will make your feet soft and smooth. Leave it on for about ten minutes and then, wash it off.
  • Nail polish: If you want to paint your nails, the time is ripe. Just go ahead and paint them in your favorite nail color! Wait till it dries off.
  • Massage: Now take some rich foot cream and massage your feet. Your feet feel supple and adorable!

Foot Spa

How To Make Foot Spa at Home:  FAQs

Now that you have the steps clearly written here, you might be having some questions still fleeting across your mind regarding the homemade foot spa treatment. Here is a FAQ section, where I have tried to predict some of those queries you might be having; the questions have been put in a step-by-step manner:

  • Which essential oil should I use in the foot soak?

Foot Spa

It basically depends on your needs. If you need a soothing oil with anti-inflammatory properties to revive your feet, use peppermint oil. Lavender oil soothes and relaxes your feet while lemon oil is extremely good for revitalizing and stimulating circulation in your feet.

  • Essential oils don’t suit me; what should I use as foot soak?

You may like to use a milk soak which would make your feet incredibly soft.  Add some powdered milk and a few drops of almond oil to your foot bath. It is even better if you can use butter milk. In case you are looking for revitalizing recipe, use some Epsom salts. You may add a few flat pieces of stones to add to the relaxing experience.

Foot massage

  • How should I scrub my feet?

For scrubbing your feet, you can get hold of foot scrubs which are easily available in the market. Looking for homemade recipes? You may use a fruit base, say mashed avocado or strawberry or banana; and then, add some grain-like material like sugar, ground almonds or coarse salts. As add ons, you may like to add a few drops of essential oil or honey!

  • What should be my foot mask ingredients?

This too can be easily made at home! For instance, for a nourishing oatmeal foot mask recipe, you would need some ground rolled oats, flour, a spoon of honey and a few drops of almond oil. For a cool foot mask, you can use grated cucumber, sour cream and lemon juice.

Foot Spa

  • How many times should I go for foot spa?

Do it once every week for lovely and pampered pair of feet. Ideally, do it at night so that you can go off to bed after the treatment.  Your feet will be able to absorb the relaxing therapy overnight and you can keep them away from dirt and dust!

So, with these few easy tips and tricks, get ready for your feet to be pampered, that too in the comfort of your home and without letting it be too heavy on the pockets!

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