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I am quite obsessed with epilators as I just love the results they give. I have always used epilators for hair removal. The only con of using an epilator is that it cannot remove extremely short hair. So, one has to wait till the hair is long enough to be picked up by the epilator. Hence, you cannot show off your skin for a few days. This factor causes a problem for me, especially during summers, when you want to show off some skin. So, I decided to go for a razor. Since this is my first time with a razor I didn’t want to invest in an expensive one. Let’s find out how Balea Fairytale Razor fared for me.

Balea Fairytale Razor Review

Price: €3 for 1 piece 2 blades     
Product Description:
Balea Fairytale 3-blade razor ensures particularly thorough results in the wet razor. The glide strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E allows a gentle glide over the skin. The flexible oscillating head perfectly follows the contours of the body. With anti-slip handle for safe handling. Safe and handy storage of the razor in the practical holder with a suction cup.

Balea Fairytale Razor Claims

My Experience with Balea Fairytale Razor:

The Balea Fairytale Razor comes in an extremely well-packaged plastic case. One can see the contents as the packaging is transparent. Product related information has been provided at the back of the packaging.

Balea Fairytale Razor Front

The razor itself is pink and white in color and the material used is rubber with a good grip. It does not slip, which is a blessing. The razor is attached to one blade and can be easily removed with just one click on the back of the razor. There is a protective cap for the blade, which is easy to remove and close. This cap makes the razor safe for travels and also when you have kids at home.

Balea Fairytale Razor Usage

It also comes with an extra blade and a holder. The holder for the razor is a vacuum one which sticks very well on the tiles of my bathroom. I have placed it high up on the wall in the shower cubicle where is stays dry and yet is easily reachable every morning.

This razor does not come with any built-in cream or gel. I know Gillette Venus has one with shave gel. I like razors without built-in shaving products as I like to decide which shaving creams or foams I’d be using.

Balea Fairytale Razor Packaging

There are three blades in each shaving head, which give an extremely close shave. My skin feels baby soft after each shaving session. Even the dead skin gets sloughed off when I shave, which is an added advantage. The razor head is flexible enough to move up and down and in all other possible angles.

Balea Fairytale Razor Accessories

It glides easily around the curved areas without any effort. The blades are extremely sharp and work perfectly. They do not pull or tug or cut the skin, if used correctly. I was uber excited when I started using this razor and went with a heavy hand which led to a cut on my knee. After that I learnt to go slow and light handed.

Balea Fairytale Razor Shaving Head

It’s extremely easy to use and requires just a minute for one leg. I can get rid of dead skin and even smallest of the hairs with just one stroke. My skin feels very soft and smooth and I am ready to flaunt it in minutes. My hairs start to grow back slightly after 3 days. But, I go up to six days without shaving. Overall, I am totally satisfied with the results.

Balea Fairytale Razor Back

Pros of Balea Fairytale Razor:

• Affordable
• Easy to use
• Easily removes even smallest of hair
• Removes dead skin
• Lovely packaging
• Blades and flexible head are easy to glide
• Quick and effective
• Can be used at home with ease
• Travel-friendly

Cons of Balea Fairytale Razor:

• None

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend Balea Fairytale Razor?
I highly recommend it! It will be useful for one and all. It’s a quick, easy, effective and inexpensive hair removal method. The razor will last a long time!

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