Get Bangs for Hair This Summer!

kate hudson bangsI remember a few years back when I initially got my bangs, I went to an engagement party with my family. Me and my sister went to congratulate the bride-to-be, when she asked my sister “Who is you friend?” The bangs had changed my look so drastically that they didn’t recognize me! I loved my new look.

WHY get bangs?

Bangs can look good on any shape of face, and with any type of hair. Not only does it give you a whole new look, but it also makes you hides a big proportion of your face, making you look and feel like you’ve lost weight. Bangs, said by many makes you look younger by a few years, also the hair covering your forehead gives a frame to your eyes, highlighting the best feature of a woman. This new look, will make your eye make-up pop out, trust me eye make-up looks a lot different with bangs. So go BANGS this summer, give yourself a fresh look!

What type of bangs?

A few things to think through before you get bangs is: Shape, Length, Thickness.

jennifer anniston bangs(Is it me or does Jennifer Anniston doesn’t get old at all!! Hint hint: bangs)


If you’re still unsure or hesitating about bangs, I suggest get side sweeps. (Like Jennifer Anniston’s) A light side sweep will make your hair cut more chic and stylish. But if you are sure and are brave to venture into the world of bangs then go for it all.


I once saw an interview of Christina Aguilera when she recently had a baby. I couldn’t focus on the words because all I could think was… “Why did she do that to her hair?” She had cut her bangs until they were half an inch long. I didn’t like it personally, but thing with bangs is it can work anyway. SO whether it’s short or long-till-it-pokes-your-eyes, choose a length that you wouldn’t mind. My suggestion is go with longest bangs, then if it pokes your eyes, trim it little by little. I personally like my bangs till they are under my eyebrow but before my eyes.


This is where you can have some fun. Going Blunt with bangs is brave, you might love it, or you might not. This is for those who already have bangs for a few years, and want to take it another notch up. A thin layer works for beginners that way if you don’t like the bangs you can just push them away from your forehead. If you are going for side sweep then a blunt would look a lot nicer.

Decide on these three details before you go to cut your hair, post a before and after picture on our forum if you get the chance. We’d Love to see it!

Things to remember!

One thing you will have to remember is bangs need to be trimmed every once a while. If you plan on doing it yourself, cut a little by little and do not just chop straight away. If you cut it too short (like I did a few times, haha) you can’t fix it katrina kaif bangsbut if you cut it too long you can always trim it out a little more. I like to trim my bangs when they are dry, not out of shower wet like many do. This is because if you cut it dry you know how long hair stands from your eyes, length of hair when it’s wet or dry are not the same.

(I’m sure all would agree that Katrina looked a lot different in her Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani.)

Have fun this summer with a brand new look, cheers.

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24 thoughts on “Get Bangs for Hair This Summer!

  1. Side bangs were really a trend during my school days but we were never allowed to try those hair styles.. :(( The nuns in the school would go really crazy if they see any sort of fashion or makeup. And now the bangs r back this summer :woot: :woot:

    1. kaps me got wavy hair as wellkaps me got wavy as well but i flat iron hair in the front when im rushed for time 😀

    2. wavy hair bangs is a still a type of bangs style itself. But a flat iron on bangs would work nicely. wet your bangs before you try it.

  2. you got to try it kaps. Kamini and i are loving it. lol. im currently writing another article about bangs. It will help those who are unsure. styles and how to fix bangs.

  3. Love bangs and have always had them, P.Cyra. :)) Used to cut mine in college. 😮 I like a side sweep like Jen Aniston’s. :))

  4. love bangs.. Had them since college.. But grown them out cos of shaadi.. Will go back. To my bang days again.. Kinda missing them :suspense:

  5. hi p cyra
    some how my bangs never come out rite n takes ages to set them acc to my satisfaction
    but i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee side swept bangs
    nice write up 🙂

  6. i got a nice (and expensive 😛 ) haircut just around new year..the stylist gave me lovely side swept bangs…after that, i trim my own bangs…i love them.. !! 😛 😛

  7. Nice article. :victory: .I had them fr a short i hv straightened hair but once they grow out I’m gonna try side swept like Jennifer Aniston’s. Nice choice of pics..Kate Hudson’s looking gorgeous!

  8. I used to have bangs for a very long time. Loved them. now just taking a little break from bangs because I am so getting obsessed with cute clips and I want to pick them up to my heart’s content this summer. :toothygrin:

    Welcome to IMBB. :))

  9. Everytime I go to a salon to cut my bangs, they always cut too short which is really annoying.

    Then once I saw a video on youtube on how to cut bangs and tried that
    So now I cut my own bangs 🙂
    Its not that difficult. The trick is to go little by little 🙂

  10. Nice Article P.Cyra.. :clap: :clap: .I just Love Bangs Bangs bangs.. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: They can work as a make-over,, :hypnotized: :hypnotized:

    we would love to see your Bangs also.. :shy: :shy: Share ur Pics.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Good Mornig Ratiiiiiiiiiiiii… :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: you seems so happy happy nd Freshy freshy… :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

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