Barbara Hofmann Makeup Sponge Review


Price : € 8.95 / Rs 650 approx

Material : Natural Rubber

My Experience with Barbara Hofmann Beauty Sponge

Today I am introducing a new brand on IMBB – Barbara Hofmann. I found this band at a beauty store in Belgium. I picked up a couple of makeup brushes and this beauty sponge from this brand. They also had a Real Techniques Sponge. Since I already have a Real techniques sponge, I thought I’d give this one a try. I don’t know the original product name. I checked on their German website and google translated the name to ‘makeup egg white’. hihih 😛

I am mostly not a makeup sponge user because I am lazy and finicky both. 😛 I can’t use a dirty sponge and I am lazy to wash them after every use. But since I decided to use this sponge everyday during my trip, I washed it as well every single day. It’s not bad. Takes barely 2 minutes to clean, dries completely overnight and is fresh to re-use. So I am addicted to using makeup sponges now. 😀

The top of the sponge is dome shaped and the bottom is wide and rounded. It is made up of natural rubber. There are both benefits and negatives to this sponge because of its material. The natural rubber does not absorb a lot of product so you can even use a lot of sheet products with this sponge. Most sponges soak up a lot of product and esp the sheer products turn out looking patchy or nothing on the skin. That said, the negative is that it feels a little hard on the skin. It’s not as fluffy or spongy as my Real Techniques sponge is. But it has become softer with every wash. I quite like who it feels on my skin now.

I did not enjoy using it the first few times but as I used more and more of it, I quite like it. I dab the foundation on my skin with finger tips, dampen the sponge with water and then blend the makeup on my skin. It does the job as seamless as it can get. Infact I used this sponge to apply my base makeup in yesterday’s makeup look as well and I quite liked the result. It is best used while using a dabbing motion than a sweeping motion because it’s not as bend(y) or movable as your regular sponge.

The pointy top is perfect to get in the corners of the eyes, sides of the nose and mouth. While the flat bottom does a great job at blending out the face makeup. I like the little dent in the middle. I feel it makes it easier to hold the sponge.

It gets washed easily. It does not take any extra effort to get rid of the stains. Does not absorb too much product.

I have used it with liquid and powder foundations both and it works just great. With powder foundation, it is always a good idea to dampen the sponge than using it dry.

Overall, I quite like this sponge. I love using it. It’s great for travelling and absolutely great value for money. I don’t think it comes closer to the real Techniques sponge in terms of softness but it is a great work master. This is how my sponge looks probably after 20 odd washes with gentle soap and warm water. I think it held its shape damn well and it is a great work horse.

Give it a go when you get to see it while travelling but don’t really compare it to its expensive counterparts such as Beauty Blender or Real Techniques.

Rating : 3.5/5

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13 thoughts on “Barbara Hofmann Makeup Sponge Review

  1. I hav never used a makeup sponge. Wud lov to learn the technique though… Y no ur piccy…?.. I opened d review to c ur pic…?

      1. Arey i toh c ur name and open review… First check out all pics to c ur flawless make up and jewellery and wat ur wearing….And den c wat d review is al about…??.. Aaj toh sirf yeh rukha sukha sponge dikha…??

      1. Sorry Swathi, but the Forever 21 one is not a good product. Even if you manage to apply your base with it – you will not get the effect which the real beauty blender gives. Its no where close.

  2. These type of sponges are great for dabbing motion – I would love to do makeup with it, but Rati – I am super lazy and finicky too, same pinch 😛

  3. Wow so excited for all the new brands on IMBB. 🙂 I would also like to try a good sponge, but then washing it might be an issue.

    “I can’t use a dirty sponge and I am lazy to wash them after every use.”

    It’s so fun to read your reviews. 😛

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