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Don’t you think Russian women are perfect? They have gorgeous hair, flawless skin, long and sexy legs, slim figure and amazing dressing sense. I end up watching Russian ballet programs, just because I cannot stop staring at those perfect beauties. Curious about the things that they do to look so perfect, I ended up doing some research on their beauty and fitness secrets and I came to know about a few things that anyone can follow. In this post I will share those tips with you all.

russian beauty

Skin care:

steam bath

The Russian women prefer natural skin-care treatments to maintain their youthful glow and keep the skin safe from the harsh winter. Here are a few things that they do at home to maintain the porcelain quality skin.

Banya Bathing– Banya is a sauna and bathing experience to detoxify and de-stress the body. Although Russians go to the spas for Banya treatment which are elaborate, it can be also done at home.

• First run the hot shower in the bathroom to experience steam bathing. This helps to open up the pores. Take a cool, refreshing shower after this. Repeat this step twice.
• Next apply yoghurt (home-made) and honey-pack all over the body and wait for some time so that the honey can penetrate inside the body. You can also massage grounded coffee in the cellulite-problem areas.
• After this, if possible, flog your body gently with bundles of twigs made from eucalyptus, maple, oak etc. These help to release the toxin from the body and also improve the circulation.
• While the honey-yoghurt mask detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin, it is important to keep the skin hydrated. So, in the mean-time sip a cup of green-tea or chamomile tea.
• Finally wash off your face and body and apply body lotion.

Egg mask- This mask helps to maintain the moisture and cleans the pores.
• Wash the face with hot water and pat dry.
• Mix one table spoon of milk with an egg-white.
• Apply on the face and allow to dry for 10-15 minutes.
• Wash off with cold water.

Face slapping- This weird beauty practice boosts collagen production, improves circulation, shrinks the pores and makes the skin firm. Slap your face gently in the cheek, forehead and neck area. This is done mainly in the day-time after cleaning the face.
Ice massage- This simple beauty practice thrice a week helps to make the skin firm and close the pores.

Hair care:

hair care

Russian women have thick and shiny hair. They use home-made hair-packs and scrubs to keep their hair clean. The harsh winter tends to make their hair dry and damaged. So they try to keep them conditioned and moisturized.
Hair mask- They mix egg-yolk, honey and olive oil and apply it to the hair. After an hour the hair is washed off and shampooed.

Scalp scrub- To keep the scalp clean, Russian women scrubs it gently with herbal-juice. It helps to clean the dirt and dandruff, improves blood-circulation and thus prevents hair-fall.
Hair Extension- Russian women love using hair extensions. They use extensions that resembles their natural hair or use own hair, after chopping it off, to create the extension. This helps them to get different hair styles, even when their hair is not long or perfect.

Fitness and Diet Secrets:

russian food

Hydrating- The Russian beauties understand the importance of drinking water to maintain their energy level. To make the boring plain water interesting they add ice-cubes, mint-leaves or slice of lemon to it. This helps to keep them refreshed throughout the day.
Food- Russians prefer simple, home-made food for their daily diet. Salads and soups which are rich with vegetables are an essential part of their daily diet. They also eat loads of root-vegetables which help in burning the fat. They maintain a low level of carbohydrate in their diet and prefer eating in small portions.

Exercise- The Russian women have slim built in general. They walk, run, swim or cycle regularly to maintain their figure. Some enthusiastic women prefer to visit the gym and go for strength training which helps to lose weight and boost the stamina.

Massage- Russian women love taking body massage. It not only helps in relaxing and rejuvenating the skin, but also helps to burn the excess fat. Natural, herbal oils are used for these relaxing massages.
Relaxing drink- To make the sleep peaceful and undisturbed, the Russians prefer to drink a glass of warm milk before doing to sleep. They mix a table-spoon of honey to warm milk and mix it well. This relaxes both the mind and body.

Makeup Tips:

lip gloss for shine

Eyes- Russian women love big, expressive eyes. So they always want their eyes to look perfect. A perfect coat of eyeliner, metallic shadows and loads of mascara is must before they step out of home.

Lips- To protect their lips from the harsh winter, the Russian beauties prefer to keep their lips coated with lipstick, especially the red ones. The colour also makes the face look brighter. They never skip the gloss as it hydrates the lips and keeps it soft.

Perfume- Just like the French beauties, Russian women are also obsessed about perfumes. They prefer light, fruity fragrance.

Hopefully these tips will help you to look gorgeous like the Russian beauties. Try them at home and let me know if the tips are helpful. Cheers and all the best!

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