Korean Beauty Secrets

Korean Beauty Secrets

After Chinese and Japanese beauty secrets, I was keen to research the Korean beauty secrets. I found out that the Korean women use upto 17 products in a day, for their skin care and also spend hours on  skin care.No wonder they have flawless taut skin. Let us see some quick tips from Korea that you can incorporate in your skin care routine too to get beautiful skin.

Food and fluids:

The Korean women believe in flushing out toxins with loads of water.Staying hydrated throughout with water lends beautiful skin.Fluids render a healthy glow to the skin,they start their day with drinking water and also splash the face with cold water to tighten pores. They also eat fruits and veggies rich in water content and and keep the sodium intake low so that water is maintained in the body.

424 technique:

Cleansing face with cleansing oil for 4 minutes, followed with foaming gentle face wash for 2 minutes and rinsing the face with cold water for four minutes. This is part of their cleansing routine daily twice. This works nicely as a pore cleanser and toner too.


Korean women take out time to apply serum, toners, and sheet masks. They warm the moisturizer in the finger tips and then apply it with massage techniques. Specific area are targeted with anti-aging serums too and every night a night cream routine is followed after the 424 technique. They also apply the cream upto the neck and décolletage. They also exfoliate thrice a week.
Facial Stretching Exercise:

Remember to always massage your face using a bottom to top, inner to outer motion. These can be followed while cleansing and application of moisturizer for firming the skin. You can try adding some skin essence into the rich cream for application and massage.Warm the product between palms and pat the face with it. Then using fists, massage the sides of the nose up til the ears in upwards motion. Using the knuckles of your two pointer fingers, move upwards towards the temple an outline the entire sides of the face.This will help you get rid of a bloated face.Then use the flat of the index finger and massage the under eye area and finally use the fist to massage the neck in an upward motion.Always use light pressure and  massage slowly.


Sheet and paper masks form a a very popular part of Korea’s skin care culture. Some celebs use upto 600 a year. They also love their egg white and honey masks for a taut skin. Essence, skin emulsions also form a major part of skin care.


Some Asian celebs claim to use a sunscreen even in front of a computer screen.During the daytime,sunscreen is a must.
korean beauty secrets
Salted water:

Korean actress Go Hyung-jung says she washes breakouts with salted tepid water to sanitize the acne prone area.

Facial mists:

Facial mists are also used to keep skin moisturized throughout the day.

Makeup removal is a key part and so is the two step cleansing with a oil and then a gentle foaming facewash. Needless to say, a a clean diet, water, sleep, and exercise is the basics of healthy skin.

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