What Shampoos Do Apart From Cleaning Your Hair?

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How is everyone doing?!! Every one of us has a favorite shampoo and a non-favorite one! Once we find the shampoo that is doing wonders to our hair, we forget about the older one and leave it lying in the bathroom for months!! But did you know? Apart cleansing your hair, shampoos do a lot more things too. Want to know? Read further!!

What Shampoos Do Apart From Cleaning Your Hair

Shampoos Can Be Used For Cleaning Your Makeup Tools:

What Shampoos Do Apart From Cleaning Your Hair 2

Let us all admit that we do not clean our makeup brushes as much as we should. But, using a shampoo does not give you a legitimate excuse not to be doing so, because we never run out of shampoo! Also, you can use it for cleaning your hair brushes because HANDS UP, who has not done that ever? That is pretty simple to do so STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Pull out all the hair that is on it, and let it soak in warm water for up to fifteen minutes, let it dry and VOILA!!!

Shampoos Help In Giving You A Great Manicure And Pedicure:

What Shampoos Do Apart From Cleaning Your Hair 3

Okay, I am going to give you a great tip, so you do not end up spending a lot of money on your regular manicures and pedicures. Shampoos make a great foot and hand soak, just add it to hot water and let your hands and feet rest for a bit. It is great for removing your cuticles too. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth! Trust me on this!!

Shampoos Make Great Body Washes:

What Shampoos Do Apart From Cleaning Your Hair 4

You probably knew this one, didn’t you? Or if you did not then, this is a great way for times when you run out of your shower gel, or if you are travelling and do not have room for adding a body wash to your suitcase, fret not, because shampoos are one of the best alternatives to your body washes! They would not dry out your skin!

Shampoos Prevent The Fogging In Your Bathroom Mirror:

What Shampoos Do Apart From Cleaning Your Hair 5

Is it just me or does everyone hate how your bathroom mirror fogs each time you take a shower!! Shampoos are your life-saver in such situations. All you need is a little shampoo on a paper towel to clean all the fog away and then follow it by rubbing it clean with a cloth!! You will be surprised the next time you have a shower on doing this!

These tips are for all you women out there who are on the constant fight with dishes and clothes!!! Sometimes your detergent is out or your dishes do not feel as clean as they should be!!

Shampoos Can Be Used To Wash Dishes:

What Shampoos Do Apart From Cleaning Your Hair 6

No I am not kidding!! Shampoos are meant for your hair, but they are gentler on your skin. So, if you hate that your hands are drying out each time you wash the dishes, switch to a shampoo, it does a great job at cleaning the dishes, without ruining the beauty of your hands!!! Great, isn’t it?

Shampoos Help In Cleaning Delicate Clothes:

What Shampoos Do Apart From Cleaning Your Hair 7

Shampoos work the same way like your detergents do or in fact better!! They are a lot gentle on the clothes and help in cleaning away the gunk effortlessly! Use it the same way as you would wash your normal clothes and rinse out.

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