Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist Review

Skin Type: Oily & Sensitive

Hi beautiful women,

I mentioned in my skin care post that I love to use face mists. Actually I have a habit to spray face mist frequently on my face. It just revives and refreshes the skin in this hot weather. My current favorite is this Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist. Read on to know more about it.

Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist

Price: Rs. 240/- for 150ml
Product Description:
Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist description

Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist direction

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist:

The mist comes in a long white tin can with a blue cap. It looks fresh and nice. It’s a 150ml bottle so it is little big in size but it is totally a travel friendly bottle. It has a normal spray nozzle which works perfectly and provides good amount of mist at once. The spray distributes the mist nicely all over my face and it never settles into one point, so I really like the technique. It is so easy to spray the mist also on my body. According to the quantity it is really an affordable product but it is not easily available in India.

Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist packaging

It comes in a very lightweight watery formula and it is fine in texture. It looks like normal water and it just feels like “nothing” on face. It easily absorbs onto my skin and feels so good on the skin. It leaves soft smooth hydrated skin and never makes my skin oily. It has to be shaken nicely for the best results; otherwise it can’t provide that cooling effect. I love to spray it all over my face and also on my body. It instantly provides a soothing effect to my skin.

Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist bottle

Its fine formula refreshes my skin easily. As it is a cooling mist so I thought it provides cooling sensation but the cooling means it just refreshes my tired skin in a humid weather and my skin feels cool only for its watery texture. It never feels sticky on skin. It just takes few min to settle down. Sometime I leave my skin normally and sometime I pat dry my skin. In both the ways it works nicely. It will suit all skin types and it works great as a hydrating mist.

After applying this, my skin looks fresh and it reduces the dull tired look and revives my skin. I am just obsessed with the cooling effect. I can use it any time; it is really good for hot humid weather. I also love to use it as a makeup fixing spray. It helps to absorb the extra powder on my face and sets my makeup nicely. It also provides a dewy finish that looks great on skin. It doesn’t have any fragrance and it suits my sensitive skin perfectly. There is no sensation, except that soothing effect.

Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist nozzle

Overall it works really great and all the claims are true. I really love this Body & Face Mist as it works nicely on my oily skin. But maybe it is not so effective on sweaty skin. It can’t control sweat or oil. But definitely it cools down the skin and keeps skin fresh for some good time. I need to re-spray every 3 hours for that perfect effect throughout the day. It totally depends on you, but for me it is totally a worth buy at this price.

Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist spray

Pros of Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist:

• Pretty travel friendly packaging.
• Affordable and good quality.
• No smell and no color.
• Spray nozzle provides perfect mist at once.
• Super lightweight watery formula.
• Never feels sticky or heavy.
• Gets absorbed quickly.
• Keeps skin soft smooth without making it oily.
• Hydrating mist, good for all skin types.
• Nice dewy finish.
• Refreshes and revives my skin.
• Instantly provides cooling and soothing effect.
• Reduces tiredness and dullness.
• Can be use as a makeup fixing spray.
• Absorbs extra powder and provides smooth finish.

Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist swatch

Cons of Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist:

• Can’t control sweat or oil properly.
• No ingredient list.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist?
Yes, I love this super light-weight face mist which refreshes my skin perfectly. I would love to recommend this mist.

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