Top Tips for Oily Skin Care

Top Tips for Oily Skin Care

Since time immemorial, I have oily skin, I have had so many troubles taming it down and I still remember some troubles at school I had due to my oily skin,this was in the tenth standard. Then we moved to Shimla and I had still had breakouts in various places one at a time, like between the brows.So even the weather did not help the skin much, which brings me to the point that oily skin is primarily is hereditary and in school it would have been the teenage hormonal play at work. This is also the reason that women tend to have oilier skin around periods, pregnancy or menopause. You can control it but you can not upturn how it is, pores which secrete oil and how we play with it will determine the troubles we have oily skin.

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Oil is produced by sebaceous glands and hence we have trouble with open pores, where the oil is secreted and could be resultant in giving you clogged pores, acne, pimples and blackheads.However we can use cleansers, astringents and other treatments that can help to keep the skin matte and face shine free. But what happens is that most of us suffering from oily skin and pimples overdo stuff which in turn results in over production of oil, more clogged pores, more shine and pimples, more trouble! hence it is recommended we scrub moderately, use light oil free moisturizers and follow the CTM routine and not go over board with clay masks too, use them religiously twice a week but not more.


To clean your face, use light gentle products, baby soaps, or oh balanced products, salicylic based products if you have trouble with clogged pores. never use over drying face cleansers which would make your skin appear mate for a while but would send your oil glands on an overdrive with time. Here are some products you could check out on IMBB

Be gentle with cleansing, take out a minute to very gently rub your skin in circular motion, and splash enough water to tone the skin naturally, in case you care concerned about pores, this is my tip, when I use a thicker cream cleanser, I take a wet towel, microwave it for ten seconds and then keep it on the my face till it is not warm enough and then I use the same towel to wipe off the cleanser off my face, the steam from the towel opens the pores and removes the grime effectively. You could also use cotton pads dipped in hot water to gently wipe the cleanser off your face. skin care Toning does not mean you have to rip off your skin of its natural oils, my favorite toners are rose water and lavender water. I get helpless if the stock is over at my place, i stock them in advance and I store them in a spray bottle, I use it throughout the day to keep my skin clean and refreshed to keep any grime in check.You could use some mineral water to splash your face throughout the day. If you need stronger toning, I suggest limiting toning to twice a day, unlike the above.Try these

Masks are our favorite, use clay based masks twice a week to clear out and tone the pores, the cay also absorbs execess oil to keep your skin matte for a while, nothing beats multani mitti,but you can try these too.

Scrubbing should be limited to once week, when you decide to steam your face, gently scrub and then apply mud pack and moisturize lightly. But if you stay in a humid area like me, and have the urge to scrub often, try these scrubs and use them thrice a week very gently, the beads in the scrub are small and tiny and hence are not very abrasive on the skin.I love the following mild scrubs for regular use. scrub

Remember for gentle moisture that your skin needs, you must have 3 liters of water, workout to sweat and clean your pores naturally and also apply some mild water or gel based products for moisture. Aloe vera is your best friend, it can work as a mask, oil control lotion, moisturizer and pore cleanser.keep some natural aloe leaf in your fridge to calm your skin after sun or use the ones in the market,as an over night moisturizer or a mask for 15 minutes. lemons How can we forget lemon, potato, cucumber and tomato!Use them individually, rub half a lemon or tomato on your face.Acids in both cut through the grease and clean and reduce your pore size.Use grates cucumber as a face pack and use potato circles or grated potato to matti-fy and naturally bleach your skin, it also acts as an after sun lotion. Change your pillow cases and face towels daily, the machine can do the washing for you but the benefit it will give you is priceless! Keep the screen of your phone very clean and if needed use kara sanitizing wipes to keep them clean if you talk too much on the phone like me, it gave me very bad jawline acne and still I make the same mistake again and again. wipes Make hand sanitizers your pals, use them if you think you touch and cup your face a lot during the day.if you accidentally pop a pimple, use some mild soap to wash the bacteria off before they seep into the skin to cause acne, and then apply some gentle topical ointment or antiseptic cream like sudocream or spot apply aloe gel.I do both if I have the time. aloe Steam your face for as long as ten minutes every week if you have oily skin, clean your face gently and pat dry, apply aloe gel, I love to do this! Keep face tissue and oil blotting sheets handy! nothing beats the effect of the oily sheen, these leave your skin matte without the use of a face powder and also avoid the oil to clog, when it is controlled in time. You may check these

Keep out of the direct sun and use a mild sunscreen that suits you always. For makeup, stick to water based foundations and spot concealers, and always remove makeup as soon as you come back and home and have access to makeup removers, gently wipe face with a warm towel, rinse, spray rose water and tone and apply aloe gel and done for the night!


Keep your hair clean and grease and dandruff free. It will really help your oily skin a lot. Be consistent in your regime and stick to the makeup and skin care products that suit you, dont play around!

Lastly, consider peeling, you could try this home made salicylic acid peel, or visit a derma for the same to keep the oil in check.

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