Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads Review

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These days, I invest a lot of time in eye care. Your eyes says a lot about you and that is why your eye always needs extra TLC. I hate tired dark eye. Trying to recover from my recent problems with my eyes, I had picked up Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads with a lot of expectations. So, let us come to the detailed review of it.

Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads

INR 200/- for 12 pads.


Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads 2

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads:

I had never tried this kind of cooling eye pad. I have always liked cucumber as an eye care products, so I bought Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads. It came in a compact, sky blue paper packaging and all the details were given on the packaging.

Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads 3

The actual eye pads were packed in a sliver colored, clear, front zipper bag. I like the concept of putting a zipper. The packaging is totally hygienic and storable kinds. Within the zipper bag, there are 12 eye pads, packed. The product is totally travel friendly.

Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads 5

Eye pads are designed like cucumber slices. On one side, it is green and white in color and on the opposite side, it is totally white. It looks like a cucumber slice. It also contains a mild artificial smell of cucumber. It seems like suitable for all skin types. The pads are for single use, so you can not reuse them.

Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads 6

The pads are made of cotton and they come in a wet format. As described in their usage procedure, I keep it in refrigerator, before use. I clean my eyes properly, then place the eye pads on my eyes. It is a bit difficult to place them properly as they drop a lot. I felt a cooling effect instantly. The cotton pads are not super soft which I thought they would but they are moisturizing. If I massaged with them, then it feels a little rough. Though, it is not a massaging pad, still I did. It provides a relaxing effect. The moisture of the pads stay long and does not dry up quickly.

Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads 7

I generally keep it for 15-20 mins. I have sensitive eyes, so on using for the first time, I felt a bit uneasy but after few minutes it was all okay. It never irritated my eyes or there was not any rash. After removing the pads, I can felt a softness on my eye area. It totally relaxed and refreshed my eyes. Though, I did not notice any change with the dark circles. So, this can not reduce dark circle. Usually, I do not have puffiness around the eye area. But, one morning my eyes were looking little puffy, that day on using, I noticed a little changes, though not much. It works great for the itchiness or patchiness around eye. It really feels soothing and smooth post application. Overall, it is a nice cooling eye pad for relaxation. It gives an instant energy to my eye.

Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads 8

The only issue is that it contains chemical like paraben and alcohol. It is bit pricey for only 12 pads. You can use it only 6 times. I would have liked this pad for an often use. I wear eye glasses so, it is helpful for me to make my eyes fresh and beautiful.

Pros of Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads:

  • Nice hygienic packaging with zipper bag.
  • Smells good like cucumber.
  • Easy to use.
  • Effective on tired eye.
  • Provide a cooling and soothing effect on eye.
  • Feels soft and moisturized post application.
  • Good option for dry, itchy eyes.
  • Works a little on puffy eyes.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads:

  • Only 12 pads come in 200 bucks.
  • Does not works on under eye darkness.
  • Could not notice a vast changes for puffiness.
  • Contains paraben.

IMBB rating:

Would I Repurchase/ Recommend Beauty Formulas Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads?
I like the way it gives a refreshing feeling to my eyes. So, I will repurchase this, until I find a better option. I would say give it a try it is good.

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