Beauty Products to Swear By if You Sweat A Lot!

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I hope you all are coping well in this hot weather! I am definitely not enjoying these days. Staying in the air conditioner for long time is making my skin dry and dehydrated. I think this is the perfect time to write this post as we all sweat a lot during summers. Only a few people are blessed who do not sweat! Today, I am going to share with you few things that you should always carry with yourself if you sweat a lot, like me. I have made it a regular practice to keep these things in my handbag. So, let’s get started girls!

Beauty Products to Swear By if You Sweat A Lot!


Beauty Products to Swear By if You Sweat A Lot!4

If you have got oily skin, this is a must have product for you. Keep an oil absorbing primer in your kit always to have that dewy look instead of shining with the grease all the time. An oil free BB cream will also do the trick. You could also try this ‘Homemade BB Cream for Oily and Acne Prone Skin‘. These products will efficiently mattify your face and will let you concentrate on better things than facial oil!

Travel Sized Deodorant

I bet nobody wants to smell of sweat! But, unfortunately, a lot of people do. I mean, we notice this a lot when we travel in public transport. Don’t be one of them! And also, don’t be scared of smelling awful halfway through the day. Instead, carry a roll on antiperspirant that has citrus or floral fragrance. This will not only prevent body odour, but will keep your mood light and fresh too.

Perfume Samples

Beauty Products to Swear By if You Sweat A Lot!7

Carrying a travel sized deodorant is enough. However, if you still prefer scents, carrying a sample sized perfume is much more convenient than carrying a full sized perfume bottle. With this, you can smell fresh all day long and won’t have to worry about your glass bottle breaking in your bag.


A little bit of pressed powder is enough to take you through a long day by eliminating excess oil and shine. It will keep your face looking fresh and great. You can reapply it, as required. But, don’t overdo it as you want to look fresh not cakey! Also, since you sweat a lot, the powder will get creased if used in excess.

Cream Blush

Beauty Products to Swear By if You Sweat A Lot!1

Cream blush has a tendency to last longer than powder ones. They give a natural shine to the face and also a dewy finish. Also, this rather natural flush on the face gives a more appealing look than the creased and caked up look of powder blushes.


In the summer, you want to look like you’re glowing not glistening. Apply a little bronzer (remember : a little) along your cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin for a warm radiance.

Facial Wipes

These are truly a boon for us! Instead of using normal tissue paper for wiping your face, use facial wipes meant for cleansing the face as they contain antibacterial solution and can clean clogged pores more efficiently. These days, facial wipes are available in plenty of variants and provide various skin benefits too. So, choose among this vast array and don’t forget to go for ones that have citrus fruits and aloe vera as one of the ingredients.


Beauty Products to Swear By if You Sweat A Lot!

This is a no brainer, especially in summer. Scout for sunscreens that are oil free and non greasy. Sunscreens with high SPF might seem like the best bet, but they could make you sweat more. Go for light sunscreens, but keep reapplying after every two hours if you need to stay outdoors a lot.

Dry Shampoo

Yes, dry shampoos are a rage these days! It is truly a miracle for hair. When you are taking care of your skin so well, you can’t ignore your hair. Dry shampoo helps to absorb the extra oil and grease from your hair and leave them smelling fresh. Carry a travel-sized version in your bag for easy touch ups on the go. A baby powder also can do the trick. But, again, don’t go overboard with these at a time, if you want to see pleasant results.

Facial Mist

Beauty Products to Swear By if You Sweat A Lot!3

You can freshen up your skin instantly with a facial mist. They have in dissolving the layer of oil and make you feel super fresh and hydrated. Instead of spending a fortune on these, you can make your own mist by mixing little bit of Vitamin E oil in rose water and spritzing it, as required. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of these ingredients too.

Waterproof Mascara

Pandas are cute, but would you want to look like one? I guess not! So, in summers, bid adieu to washable mascaras and add waterproof ones in your kitty. They might feel a little uncomfortable to the beginners but they are so worth it! In summer, you’ll have to wipe your face or even wash it with water, but all those procedures won’t make your mascara budge! Now, who would not want that?

Matte Lipsticks

Beauty Products to Swear By if You Sweat A Lot!5

Instead of carrying those glossy lip colors, carry a matte shade (or two or three!) to instantly brighten up your face sans the shine. Also, since most of the glosses have a tendency to bleed through the lips, matte lipsticks become a necessity. You would not want to remove your gloss while wiping that sweat off your face. Hence, such lipsticks are the best bet! You could look in for some liquid lipsticks too – as they are long wear, matte, opaque and don’t budge throughout the day!

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  2. Dry shampoo is a saviour! I would like to add blotting sheets (or just regular face tissue) to this list. Some talc to sprinkle in the shoes.

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