Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream Review

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Today’s review is about Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream.

Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream Review

Price: €4.99 for 50ml/approximately 400 INR for 50ml
Product Description: The moisturizer, especially for normal skin, absorbs quickly and provides the skin with moisture 24. The formula contains peach extract and vitamin E. With UV filter.

Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream Ingredients

My Experience with Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream:

The face cream comes in a glass tub container. The lid is a screw cap which opens and closes securely. Since the tub is made of glass, the overall weight of the packaging is heavy. So, I would not consider travelling with it since it’s a glass packaging that’s heavy. Also, one needs to dig into the product with fingers, which makes it unhygienic. The consistency of the cream is silky smooth. It’s neither thick nor fluid consistency – just the right consistency. The consistency, on the whole, is good and I like it. The cream spreads very well on the skin and also the product gets absorbed within 2 minutes if not instantly.

Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream Packaging

A little amount of the product goes a long way. I do not want my face to be oily so I apply very little of the cream before foundation. If one applies more of the product (or normal amount too), the face will feel oily after a few hours. So lesser is always better with this product. The cream does not leave my skin oily or sticky when used in small quantities. It also did not cause any breakout or redness to my sensitive skin. The fragrance is very mild. I was expecting it to smell like peaches since it has peach extracts. But it does not smell anything close to peaches. I am not able to figure out what exactly it smells like but definitely not fruity. The majority of you will like the product since it’s so mild in fragrance.

Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream

The product also provides UV protection. It does not state anywhere how much protection it provides. But, I believe, something is better than nothing. The product contains real peach extracts and makes me feel positive about it. Overall, it’s a good product but not the best. It’s suitable for basic face moisturising with sun protection, but this cream cannot treat your skin, especially if you are looking for anti-aging and spots removal properties.

Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream Swatch

Pros of Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream:

⦁ Gets absorbed by the skin within 2 minutes
⦁ Non-sticky and non-oily
⦁ Lightly perfumed
⦁ Provides UV protection
⦁ Contains peach extracts

Cons of Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream:

⦁ Contains paraben
⦁ Digging into the product can be unhygienic (packaging)
⦁ Glass tub
⦁ Heavy packaging
⦁ Does not get absorbed instantly
⦁ Feels oily when used more over a period of few hours
⦁ Cannot provide added skin benefits

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5
Will I Repurchase Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream?
Not really. I feel my Eucerin cream is much better and would continue using Eucerin day cream since it also offers anti-aging benefits.
Would I Recommend Bebe Young Care Peach Moisturizing Cream?
If you are looking for a basic face cream then go for it. It’s perfect for people who’re already blessed with great skin and do not need much care.

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