Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil Review, Swatch, EOTD

Benefit high brow glow pencil review

Claims : This soft brow highlighting pencil is your instant brow lift! Perfect for all skintones, the linen-pink highlight hue adds a lifted look to the entire eye area. It’s never been easier to raise a brow…or two!

How to apply
Apply pencil under your brow following the arch. Lightly blend. For more arch appeal, put two dots above the arch & blend

Available at Sephora

Price : USD 20 / Rs 1200 approx

Instructions on Usage :

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benefit high brow

My Experience with Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil

Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil is a first of its kind unique product in my makeup collection. It’s a brow highlighter. Thinking of it, do you really need a special product just to give a little lift to your brows?The answer would be no because you can think of various highlighters that can work the same for you. BUT. When you start using this pencil, the only thing you think of is why did I wait for so long to have this. It’s freakin’ brilliant! 😀

It’s a champagne coloured waxy pencil that you use it only for your brow bone to get that super clean finish and edge for your brow. It has fine micro shimmers that give that light frosty finish to the pencil and works an an instant highlighter. The texture is waxy but is creamy enough that it goes on the brow without any tugging or pulling. You apply it straight with the pencil and blend it with finger tips. Voila, it just makes your brow area look so nice.

The color is champagne pink so it’s not whitish or goldenish that looks OTT. It kind of blends in with my warm skin and leaves that little natural shine behind. It looks super natural and no one else would be able to tell what is making your brows look so good. 😀

I sometimes use it on the inner corner of eyes as well. And you can of course use it for your cheek bones as well.

The only problem I am going to face with this pencil is the sharpening part. It’s mid way between your chubby sticks and eyeliner pencils and I don’t have a sharpener for this.

But a little goes a long way. I have been using it so much. It has become a ritual now before stepping out of the house. I haven’t found the need to sharpen it yet but soon I will.

It stays on for good 5-6 hours. But you can always carry this little pencil around for touch ups and instant brow lifts! 😀

Overall, do you NEED this pencil? I’d say no because simple highlighters works just the same. That said, if you decide to pick it up, you would get obsessed with it. 😀

Fabulous little product! 🙂

Rating : 4.8/5

Benefit high brow glow pencil review, swatch

Benefit high brow glow pencil review


Swatch and EOTD (pencil swiped and blended on brow bone)benefit high brow glow pencil photos,swatches

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  1. Such a lovely product !! loved the review !! I have posted the looks and tagged you !! mine is a private profile though i hope you can see them 🙂 The lighting is crap though :/

  2. I had heard of this product some time back but didn’t buy coz of the same thought – any highlighter can do its job. But now I’m intrigued. I wanna try this one!

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