Best Fairness Creams Available in India

Best Fairness Creams Available in India

fairness creams in india
Fairness creams have been the longest running fads down, the buzz surrounding fairness creams and products seems to be getting stronger.  For most of us, using fairness creams are a means to achieve matte face, free from shine for a longer time.  Also, rather than getting fair skin, what we actually want is bright and even-toned skin, and if some fairness creams claim to do just that, there’s no harm in trying 🙂 Let’s check out some fairness creams currently in the Indian market.  While these might not be magical potions that would turn into fairy white overnight, some of them are really good to get bright, shine-free skin temporarily.  Here’s the list:

1.  Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream- Night:

Price:  Rs. 175 for 40 gm.


This is a night cream that claims to “peel away dark cells and lighten the skin while you sleep.”  Our reviewer says her face appears brightened in the morning after using this night cream.  Works on dark spots and blemishes and visibly lightens them.  Removes dullness of skin.

2.  Kaya Fairness Nourishing Day cream with SPF 15:

Price:  Rs. 990 for 50 ml.


Claims to contain a unique combination of skin lightening agents, which act synergistically to even the skin tone and lighten the complexion. Triple sunscreens present in the cream protect against the harmful effect of UV. Up to 2 shades lighter skin tone in just 4 weeks.  It lightens spots and marks on the face.  Makes skin soft and smooth.

3.  Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Instant Mattifying Cream:

Price:  Rs. 210 for 40 gm.


Claims to make skin look visibly fairer instantly after application, shine-free mattified look all day.  Also claims to be infused with skin lightening agents (Lotus Extract, Bearberry Extract and Licorice Extract) which help to defuse the aggravated black pigment spots. Also, acts as a primer under makeup.

4.  Olay Natural White 3 in 1 Fairness Serum:

Price:  Rs. 80 for 40 gm.


Contains vitamins and saffron, ficus indica, turmeric and rose.  Spreads easily and absorbs quickly to give you fairer, even-toned, soft and smooth skin.

5.  Khadi Herbal Lavender Fairness Lotion:

Price:  Rs. 250

Khadi Fairness Lotion

The product claims to improve your complexion, gives nourishment and makes your skin soft. It has a unique formulation with herbal ingredients which helps in reduction of the black melanin in the skin without changing the skin’s herbal balance.

6.  Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream:

Price:  Rs. 69 for 9 gm.

Ponds-White-Beauty-BB+-Fairness-Cream-5 (1)

Light, non-oily formula, glides easily, evens out skin very well, contains SPF 30 PA ++ protection.

7.  Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream:

Price:  Rs. 115 for 30 gm.


Claims to be made from totally natural ingredients, this cream helps lighten your skin tone and improved skin texture.

8.  Clean and Clear Clear Fairness Cream:

Price:  Rs. 120 for 40 gm.


Claims to contain breakthrough formula enriched with cherry extract and multi-vitamins instantly brightens and lightens skin for pinkish fair skin.

9.  Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Lotion:

Price:  Rs. 225


Lakme perfect radiance fairness day lotion with SPF 15 PA++ containing white lily and sacred lotus claims to act on six signs of skin darkening by fading away spots and blemishes, lightening skin color, helps even out skin tone, reduces oiliness and dullness, and controls tan with SPF 15 PA ++.  This lotion gives instant fairness.

10.  Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Age Control Day Care Fairness Cream:

Price:  Rs. 329

Nivea+Visage+Sparkling+Glow+Day+Care+Fairness+Cream (1)

When used in combination with Nivea whitening face wash, this cream gave our reviewer a real brightening effect.  Makes skin soft, smooth, and radiant.

11.  Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum:

Price:  Rs. 699

High penetrating serum that lightens the look of dark spots and brightens overall skin tone for a fair, lasting translucency from within.

12.  Fair and Lovely Advanced Multivitamin Daily Fairness Expert:


Price:  Rs. 125

The cream claims to target 5 fairness problem such as precision on skin marks, targeting sun tan, targeting dullness, lightening action on dark circles, and lightening skin colour.

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  2. Well i feel that these naming just only distract customer….. no cream can change the color of specific skin permanently …. wish that the famous stars just avoid to promote such products…..
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