Best Maybelline Mascaras

Best Maybelline Mascaras

Is there a girl here who doesn’t have a mascara in her kitty?  Even the most natural makeup lovers, wouldn’t let go off of mascara for anything.  There are many girls out there who only need mascara and lip balm to look their best, and why not, mascara opens up tired eyes and lifts your whole look up.  Well defined lashes and opened-up eyes, a good mascara would do it.  I am listing below best mascaras from Maybelline, for those who are just starting out with makeup, picking up a mascara from Maybelline is a good choice.

1.  Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara:

Price:  Rs. 330


Waterproof mascara, up to 7x more volume instantly in just one coat, dramatic volume with no clumps.  Patented MegaBrush + Collagen formula plump lashes one by one.  It adds volume to the lashes.   The fine bristles of the wand help cover each and every lash.

2.  Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara:

Price:  Rs. 175

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Instant Volume-Building Express Formula quickly thickens eyelashes.  Patented Curved Anti-Clump Brush performs separated eyelashes.  Ultra Waterproof formula ensures long lasting wear.  Curly Fix Formula fixes and curls up the lashes instantly for 75 curl lasting 18 hours.  A great day time mascara when you don’t want too much going on but would want some definition to your eyelashes. Does not weigh down eyelashes.  Does not sting eyes.  The shape of the brush is a little curved so it curls lashes even without using a lash curler. The short bristles coat every lash nicely.

3.  Maybelline The Falsies Mascara:

Price:  Rs. 425

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

The Falsies Mascara delivers a false lash look; giving you a full set of voluminous, bold, fanned out lashes and the appearance of no gaps from any angle.  The Pro-Keratin and Fibre enriched formula attaches to lashes you didn’t know you had and creates a false lash look of thicker and longer looking lashes.  Patented spoon brush fans out lashes and ensures generous product deposit. Our unique flexible stem helps build voluminous lashes without clumping.  The wand (or ‘spoon’ brush) makes it so much easier to apply the mascara to the lower lashes and corner lashes.  This makes eyelashes look gorgeously big.  The consistency isn’t too thick or too watery – just about perfect for my eyelashes.

4.  Maybelline Great Lash Mascara – Clear Transparent:

Price:  $5


Clear gel formula with panthenol conditions lashes and provides a natural yet polished look by separating lashes. Contact lens safe. Ophthalmologist tested.  Separates lashes easily.  Imparts a healthy, clean look to lashes.  Tames unruly brow hairs quickly and efficiently.

5.  Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Waterproof Mascara:


Grip and extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle. Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length.  Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula conditions and smoothes for black-patent shine.  Contact lens safe.  Ophthalmologist-tested.  Waterproof, also available in Washable formula.  The fibres do make my eyelashes appear a bit longer. This is a lengthening mascara, so it has no effect on volume.  Lashes look natural.

6.  Maybelline XXL Curl Power Mascara:

Price:  8 dollars.


Power Curve brush dramatically curls and extends lashes 45º from root to tip with 12 hours of hold.  Curls to a 45° angle.  Provides 12-hour hold.  Contact lens safe, ophthalmologist-tested.  Washable, also available in waterproof.  C-shaped curved brushes are very unusual and give good curling effect.  When used properly, as directed, using both the sides, it gives awesome results.  Did not clump, flake off (for the first few months).  Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Washes off easily without harming the lashes. Decently priced.

7.  Maybelline Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara:

Price:  12 dollars.

Maybelline-Mascara2 (1)

Waterproof.  Makes lashes look longer, neater, and somewhat fuller. The comb is great for giving a neat coat to nearly each lash.  Helps retain the curl. If you look at the tube, it says ‘Hypercurl’, which is supposedly a feature of this product that helps lock curls. While at the end of the day, lashes may not be as curled as they were right after using a lash curler, with this mascara, they’re still curled.

8.  Maybelline Volum Express The One By One Mascara:

Price:  731


Finally, bold volume without any of the bulk.

Patented Lash Catcher™ brush has 3 bristles per lash to make every lash count.  Catches, coats and de-clumps each lash to make them all fatter and flirtier.  Instant clump-free volume.  Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist-tested. Waterproof, also available in Washable formula.

9. Maybelline Volum’Express Mascara: The Mega Plush:

Price: 5.99 dollars.


Contains 40% less hard waxes for massive yet supple lashes, never stiff, never brittle. Patented Flexor Brush gently coats every lash with supple volume. No clumps, smudging or flaking. It separates your lashes and gives them length and volume. It has a big, fluffy brush that covers each lash. The formula is fluffy so you can build on it to achieve the look you want. Lives up to the claim, your lashes won’t feel stiff or brittle. It holds a curl really well. Fairly easy to remove. Comes in a waterproof formula too. Ophthalmologist tested. Contact lens safe.

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