Maybelline Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara Review

Maybelline Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara Review

I love using mascara when I want my eyes to look especially pretty for special occasions. I like batting my eyelashes and seeing how lush they look! I find mascara to be a quick beauty fix too, used with a good eyelash curler- if I have just enough time to apply only one product on my eyes, I’d choose this instead of eyeliner or eye shadow. Maybelline’s Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara works pretty well for this purpose.
Maybelline Mascara

I got this product when it was released last year, and online it is currently available at (a Hongkong-based site). I had read some positive reviews on it and decided to check it out it when my last mascara expired.

Tube of Maybelline Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara
Tube of Maybelline Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara

Seeing it in person, I found the metallic pink zebra print on it rather cute, thought the nice packaging was a plus, and went ahead and purchased it. I thought it was great too that it was waterproof, since I tend to rub my eyes whenever I’m feeling slightly sleepy or tired.

Mascara wand
Mascara wand

I was surprised when I got home, opened my sealed product, and saw the applicator, because I haven’t tried that many mascaras and this one had a very different applicator compared to all the other ones I’d tried. It’s a thin, tiny comb, meant to brush the lashes with. It looked easy to use but I admit I made a few tries before I got the application right.

What I like about Maybelline’s Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara:

  • It’s affordable at around $12 or Rp. 544. I dislike spending a lot of money on mascaras because they’re only meant to be used for three months, but most drugstore mascaras that are super cheap give cheap results as well. This mascara performs well at a reasonable price.
  • Cute, sleek packaging. I find the pink and black zebra-striped tube pretty, as I’ve already mentioned, and it’s not too big or long either.
  • It really is waterproof. My skin is on the dry side, but I think this would probably stay put on oily-skinned gals as well. I don’t see any smears or flakes underneath my eyes halfway through the day.
  • It’s fragrance-free and did not irritate my eyes or skin.
  • Lasts the whole day on my lashes, it does not budge at all, even in high, humid temperatures.
  • Makes my lashes look longer, neater, and somewhat fuller. The comb is great for giving a neat coat to nearly each lash. I prefer a natural look and find that one coat is good enough.
  • Helps retain the curl. If you look at the tube, it says ‘Hypercurl’, which is supposedly a feature of this product that helps lock curls. While at the end of the day my lashes may not be as curled as they were right after I used a lash curler, with this mascara, they’re still curled. I’ve tried curling my lashes then not applying mascara, and they’d be straight again by afternoon or evening.

What I don’t like about Maybelline’s Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara:

  • The lash comb took a few tries to get a decent application. I guess I just wasn’t used to it, but the first time I tried it, I ended up putting on way too much mascara. I discovered I had to smear any excess amount off the head of the wand, and wiggle the wand a bit while combing from the root of my lashes, otherwise I’d get too much product on my lashes and they would clump.
  • Two coats gave me clumpy lashes. However many times I’d tried it, I still got clumpy lashes when I used two coats. This is probably due to the product’s thick consistency. But personally one coat delivered the results I wanted.

Overall, I quite like this product and recommend it to any mascara lover out there, or for anyone looking for a good lengthening, waterproof mascara that is also affordable.

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35 thoughts on “Maybelline Waterproof Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara Review

    1. Hi Shyna, I did try taking before and after shots actually, but my point and shoot camera just couldn’t capture my lashes properly…all kind of blurry. :-/ I’m sorry but I can’t be sure if it’s available in India as I’m not located there. I read that this product was released exclusively to Asia, so, I’m hoping it is. :)) :))

    1. Calicoaster thank you! :)) I know, I should’ve posted before and after pics…none of the photos I took turned out good though. Next time I review a mascara I’ll borrow another camera and post pics of lashes, I promise. :)) :))

  1. I know. Most welcome. 😛 I am quite fascinated by the brush I think one of their earlier mascara had a similar brush. I however like mascaras that give volume so that would be a pass for me . But maybelline does good mascaras. infact they are pretty good with most of their stuff. I like them. 😀 😀 Thanks for the review, Ida. 🙂

    1. I’m keeping the brush when the mascara dries up/expires. It’s a nifty little brush that I can use for eyebrows or to comb out lashes. 🙂 I agree, Maybelline has pretty good mascaras and stuff in general that aren’t too expensive. You’re very welcome! :)) :))

    1. Thanks Asha. :)) :)) :)) I’m not a big gel or liquid liner user, mostly because I’m lazy with makeup and just use pencil when i do use eyeliner…have read recent good reviews on Milani liquid liners though.

  2. Nice review…cute packaging!! Looks like another good thing from maybelline 🙂
    @Rati- When can we see the results for the top mascara survey?? ?:)

  3. I LOVE this mascara! Even in humid temperatures (especially here in Manila, PH) it doesn’t streak & I guess the unique brush is actually for girls with short lashes like I do; making mascara application an easier chore! Used with a Shu Uemura Eyelash curler & doing a wingtip with a black pencil liner, it makes my eyes look more doll-like than ever. :heart: 🙂

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